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Live Without Stress: 5 Tips To Live Without Stress

Everyone wants to know how to live without stress—everyone. Life is such a hustle bustle these days, anything you can do to eliminate even a little stress adds to your enjoyment of life. These five tips will get you there.

1. Define exactly what living without stress means to you. You may first have to think about how you feel when you know you are stressed and then write down the opposite – how you wish you felt instead. Describe how your world and each situation looks without stress in it.

Take time to look all across your life – both personal and professional. After all stress  rears its head pretty much any where at any time – when you allow it to do so.

When you actually live stress-free what do you do? How do you spend your day? How do you relax and enjoy life? How is your health? Get it all down.

2. Take each area of your life, one by one. List three steps you can take, starting today, to move yourself from the stress level you currently experience to the new you described in detail in step one.

If you feel stuck and can only think of one right now then write down the one and come back to it. Your subconscious will work on that step while you move ahead.

Oh yes, it is okay (in fact encouraged) to list more than three action steps.

3. Now ask the Universe to assist you in removing stress from each situation.
Put out your desire to live stress-free in each situation and then, after you make that request end each one with the words, “This or something better.”

You see the Universe does the how that fulfils on your what. If you tell the Universe your how to do it and how to make it look you limit what the Universe can deliver to you. You may be asking for what the Universe knows to be good. Ah, but the Universe, God, Creator, may know something better it can deliver to you.

4. After making your request and noting the ”something  better” line then let go of your request and go about your day. You see, once you ask for something you change. You become a different person who acts differently.

No, you don’t look any different. Just know the person who lived in stress is not the same person who requested an end to the stress. Make sense?

The moment you made the request it manifested  for you. The Universe will deliver it to you as soon as your vibration level is in harmony with your request AND it is in your highest and best interest.

5. Focus on living stress-free. You speed up the manifesting by pretending you already live that way.

Make the choices and interpretation a person who lives without stress makes. Think the thoughts a stress-free person makes. The new you can do so. It just takes living consciously in the now.