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How to Live Your Dreams

There is a way to live your dreams. You can do it when you know your Higher Self, your Spirit, and communicate with it clearly before making choices. You will ALWAYS make the choice that is in your highest and best interest.

Happiness is Playing Full Out to Live Your Dreams

Raising my kids enforced my knowing that you gotta live your dreams to truly live in happiness.

I was privileged to be a full time mom. Good thing too because I raised two performing kids who also led normal busy lives while practicing their art.

Even before my son was born I knew he was drummer. From the fifth month of my pregnancy his hands and feet were playing his kit inside me whenever I attempted to rest. My daughter showed us her comedic talents at the tender age of one month. Yes, one month.

Whatever my kids showed an interest in they got to do. Living in the Washington. D. C. area allowed me to easily find classes for all their interests.

Interestingly, by the time each of them turned five they already showed their future paths.

So they played soccer and took classes at the Corcoran Art Gallery In D.C. And they took music lessons.  Lots and lots of lessons!

My kids both turned professional at age eleven. Soon after they had to choose between soccer and their art. Why? They are both talented athletes, which means when they played the other team went after them and it became too dangerous to continue playing as kids grew bigger and tougher.

Both my kids live their dreams. Some people call them lucky. Firstly, there is no such thing as luck. You make your luck! More than that, despite the natural talent with which both my son and daughter were born, they both worked harder than anyone you ever knew to develop their talents.

They set standards for themselves that were so high even their friends told them to chill out.

You don’t get to live your dreams if you are willing to settle for anything less than playing full out. Plain and simple.

When you set a goal for your life you go after it wearing blinders. Blinders? To maintain your focus so nothing, absolutely nothing, pulls you off track or off course.

My kids are performers in New York City – the toughest place to make it in show biz. They created their dreams of very young ages and never let up. They continue to study and practice and get better and better at what they do.

Successful people never stop honing their skills and never stop learning, growing and challenging themselves.

Successful people believe in themselves and garner the support they need to stay on target.

After completing his first year at the Cleveland Institute of Music my son actually yelled at me for supporting him. He raged, “Do you know how hard it is to make a living in this business?”

Yes, living your dreams may not be easy. It is worth every minute of blood sweat and tears – no matter what business you are in.

Jump In

Starting today, starting NOW, do things differently than you did yesterday and you will avoid the same old stuck habits and ho hum life you now live.

Instead of planning every little thing be more spontaneous. Ask the Universe to deliver what you want, You don’t need to know how to get it. Just trust it will come at the right moment in the perfect form–if, and only if, it is in your highet and best interest.

Go after what you want to live your dreams.

Life Changing Results – No Effort?

Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought that too until…

I never did this before and I feel I’d be gypping you if I didn’t
share this.

I told you a bit about the mind movies that are changing lives.

Well, I have been using their ready made movies for 1 1/2 weeks
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effort–well worth it.

I know because of the amazing results I got so far.
You see, in 1 1/2 weeks I have gone from being happy to living in

Yesterday when my new project presented obstacles I found myself
laughing out loud. I was enjoying myself so much I finally made
myself go to sleep at 3 AM.

The past 1 1/2 weeks brought me unexpected income–hundreds,
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I was invited to open my health care (emotional, physical and
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know that empowering others to achieve their well being is the
great love of my life.

On that note, my articles more than 44,000 people in 30+ read my areticles this past year. MY life goal is to touch 3 million lives. Since mind movies my readership sky-rocketed!

My fingers are almost healed–after suffering the effects of spider
bites for 3 months. I mean all of a sudden I woke up and was nearly
healed! (Lots of spiders out here int he country. I have not seen
one in weeks now. Yay!)

The other day I went shopping and every item I wanted was on
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And all I did was let the mind movies (that you can get for free,
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Imagine running these subliminal messages while playing video
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I never felt this strongly about any product, as a compliment to
what I teach.

This special only runs through Friday. And, in addition to the
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MInd Movies Change Lives When…

Change your life with your own personal mind movies–running subliminally on your computer. That added software is what made me a believer.

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