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Loving #1

Loving yourself first is not selfish It’s mandatory. No one will ever look out for #1 the way only you can.
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Love You First

Love yourself first. It’s not selfish. It’s mandatory.

When you take care of you first you can be fully there for others. Your life and theirs will be much richer. Share your experience in a comment below. Tell us what happened when you switched from always doing for others to metting your own needs first and also doing for others.

Loving Yourself First: It Is Not Selfish (It Is Mandatory)

Loving yourself first is not selfish. It is mandatory. You cannot give what you do not have. Without self love you lack self respect and self-honoring.  Again, what you do not feel for yourself cannot be given to others – including honoring or respect.

When you love yourself first you will only allow others to treat you with honor and respect at all times. Knowing, very clearly, which behaviors you will accept and which do not fit into your life style allows you to choose only relationships that fulfill your desires.

I am talking about both personal and professional behaviors. Remember that how you do anything is how you do everything.

Feeding your need to love yourself causes you to feel endless love for everyone and everything in the world. Love pours from your every pore with no conscious effort on our part.

You become one with love – and one with God, Creator, the Universe, whatever term you prefer. After all, God is pure love energy.

Remember that you teach others how to treat you by example – you model acceptable behaviors toward you. When you take time to eat well, get rest and also recreation you show others they must feed you well, let you get your sleep and allow you to just plain have fun – as opposed to taking care of them all the time while ignoring you and your own needs. (Know anyone like that?)

You will only live in happiness when your Self love raises your vibrational frequency so high that you attract all and only people and circumstances that feel good.

Feeling good clues you in to the fact that you live in the present moment. All of your energy, taken to support you in the present moment, empowers you to stay healthy which in turn supports optimal functioning of the Life Force that is you.

Life only happens right now…and now…and now. If you recall past memories you steal energy from your present moment, energy that your physical and emotional bodies need to get you through the day. Same holds true if you find yourself “living” in the future.

You need your energy now. You want to stay focused on now.

If your body or emotions come up short on energy right now they go into your organs to pull what they need. Then if you fail to get adequate sleep to replace all that borrowed energy your health slowly, without your awareness, begins to deteriorate.

Loving yourself means knowing the past is gone forever. Loving yourself means the future is not here yet and just needs planning but not dwelling there.

Loving yourself is all about doing what feels good for you.