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Love: How To Make a Difference for Everyone and the Planet Too

What can each individual do to make a difference for all of us and the planet too?

Remember who you really are and your connection to the God force and to each person (animal and thing) in every moment so you stay at a high frequency. You will fill yourself with so much love you can give it away indefinitely. Love solves every problem that ever has or ever will exist.

Remember that the God Force is pure love energy. You be love. Don’t think about it or read about it. Once you get to that place you focus on feeling happy and the rest just happens. You become love.

In case you think this is all hooey – remember when the Beatles came out with the song “All You Really Need Is Love?” I thought they were nuts. Back then I thought love was a euphemism for the word sex (now I am talking about a time of hippies and free love). Wisdom really does come with age—well sometimes it does. And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, love is THE solution to every problem. Period.

What do I mean by love in this context?

Love comes from your heart. When you truly share yourself with compassion, when you have no intention of getting something in return – that is love. When you feel yourself caring about others even though they are not with you that is love.

And when you honor and respect yourself and your needs that too is love.

The neat thing about real love is the more you give it away, the more it comes back to stay. So you can be generous giving out your love.

Perhaps the best way to share your love is to be love. How? Love yourself first.

Fill yourself with so much love by creating habits that honor and respect you, by knowing who you really are (your True Self – your Spirit). Stay constantly connected with your True Self (Spirit) to become the energy of love. Love will pour out of you. Your aura will be filled with love.

Others will want to be with you and they do not even know why – except that being with you feels good. And the really great news is that being love is not exclusive to you. Every person on this planet can become love. But you always have to start by loving yourself, your True Self, first.

The rest happens automatically.