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Happiness: How To Always Make The Best Choice (100% of the Time)

Choices. Every day we make choices about every little thing we do. WE decide what to eat, what clothes to wear, which route to drive, what to listen to, etc. Some choices happen out of habit. Many come from split second decisions. After all is deciding what outfit to wear critical? Well, it might be that day.

I was talking to friend at the Farmer’s Market today. She is an absolute artist at bread making. She was disappointed that none of her sourdough breads sold today – not even one! She said she always seems to guess wrong when it comes to baking sourdough breads vs. baking buckwheat breads.

Jo told me when she comes prepared with lots of buckwheat breads that day the sourdough breads sell and vice-versa. I asked her how she decides. She explained that she keeps track of when people buy what but has not been able to detect any pattern that she can reliably follow.

Indeed, between the variability of who comes to the market that day, what kind of weather happens (which affects turn out), what else is going on in the community – I fail to see how she can discover the formula to predict what to bake when.

I suggested that she could know, before she begins her baking, which breads will sell better the next day. And then I showed her how to accomplish that task.

So how do you make choices that always cause results that are in your highest and best interest?

Guessing will not resolve that issue. Think about the source of your evidence when guessing. You actually rely on the program files in your subconscious mind. You pose the question and your subconscious mind searches all available file folders to see how you acted in the past when presented with this same situation.

For Jo, she told me she always guessed wrong. While I doubt she guessed inaccurately 100% of the time, she seemed to make the wrong choice more often than not. The thing is, she clearly runs a program that says she will guess wrong. So at baking time when she determines how many of each kind of bread to bake her subconscious delivers up information that will leave her with too many of one bread variety and too few of the other by the end of the market day.

The only choice Jo can make, for the most part, is the wrong one because that is how her information was stored in her files.

However there is a way to make choices that completely bypasses the subconscious mind. Not only does it cast aside habit, but this system also delivers 100% accurate in formation 100% of the time.

Ask your spirit. Your Spirit is your immortal soul. As such it knows everything about you past, present and future. It will always give you an answer that is in your highest and best interest – for your spiritual growth.

I showed Jo how to ask her Spirit which bread will sell best the next day – before she begins to bake. You can always make accurate choices too by communicating with your spirit.