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Happiness Is Making Friends In All Kinds Of Places

Happiness is making friends. Computers make it so easy to make new friends no matter where on the planet they live.

Today I got to watch the screening of a movie I made with some friends last week. The movie spoofed Facebook. I had no idea Facebook offered so many applications. No wonder some people get addicted and spend hours and hours there!

I ran into one of my Facebook friends and thanked her for connecting me with one of her friends. She had no idea who I was talking about. Turns out many people accept friends without knowing who they are.

Okay, if what you want to do is show big numbers then accept all the friend requests that come your way. I think very many people do that.

If you participate in any of the popular social media you might want to consider actually getting to know some of the people who send friends requests. I always check out who a person is before saying yes. And I am glad I do.

I made friends with this extremely cool and wise person who was on my other friend’s list of friends. Were it not for Facebok I may never have met this amazing woman. In fact, I met lots of really cool people on Facebook – people all over the world!

I remember back in the 1990s when personal computers were first coming into popularity and finding their way into people’s homes. You didn’t always get to communicate instantly or chat as you do now.

Everything worked through email. When you were lucky enough to find yourself online at the same time as a friend you could send emails back and forth pretty fast – or so it seemed back then, having nothing to compare it to.

Then voice chat appeared. Voices came in bundles and some people found it annoying but hey – I got to talk every day with my friend in New Zealand. And that extra voice piece allowed us to become such close friends I wound up spending 3 months in her home in New Zealand!

How amazing is that?

Now you can jump online and start a chat right in your email or on any of the social networking sites. Opportunities to meet people all over the world abound. Truly this is one small planet and people are just people no matter where they live or what language they speak.

We live in pretty extraordinary times, yes? Just one thing, though, remember to meet people face-to-face too. Leave your computer and house every day even if all you do is go out for a walk.

The virtual world is fun and exciting. So is the neighborhood where you live!