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Happiness is Reaping the Rewards of Persistence

I read a lot – books and online material. I always loved to read.

One of the things I continually read, no matter where I turn, is the fact that if you never give up, you will reach your goals in life. You only lose out is when you stop working toward your dreams.

I feel very heartened when I read about how many unsuccessful businesses so many hugely successful people started before finally finding what worked for them.

Do you know that the Kentucky Fried chicken Colonel spent five years on the road cooking up his Secret Recipe Fried chicken for restaurant owners before someone bought it? What if he had given up? How long might it have taken for the fast food industry to introduce chicken as an alternative to hamburgers and roast beef?

Look at the entertainment industry. Do you know how very many years it takes for someone to become an “overnight sensation” on stage or screen?

Look in Nature. Have you ever seen tree roots break up a sidewalk or weeds sprout in the middle of he road? Those results took time and persistence – on the part of the plants seeking to thrive.

I recall a family event from twenty years ago. My daughter needed dresses for her Bat Mitzvah. We looked in stores all up and down the East Coast from Virginia to New York City and points in-between.

After months of exasperation and a deadline closing in, we walked into yet another shop and there it was! We finally found the dress.

What do you seek to manifest in your life right now? Can you clearly define what you want so the Universe knows how to deliver what you want? Are you open to receiving or accomplishing that result in a way you may not be aware exists?

If you answered in the affirmative then remember to end your request with the words, “This or something better.”

Right now one of my goals involves returning to my very organized life in terms of having a place for everything that makes sense and putting everything in that place – so I easily find whatever I want when I want it.

My progress may be slow in that arena AND it is forward progress. I don’t mind if it takes a while because it is a worthy important goal for me. What I know is even tiny steps will get me there IF I continue to put one foot in front of the other and never ever even consider throwing in the towel.