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Stress And Personal Values

Stress develops when you fail to live in alignment with your core values.

One of the very things I do when I work with clients is assist them in determining their true core values. Until you know what you really and truly value with all your being you cannot attain it or live your Very Excellent Life.

When you work at a job that runs contrary to your values, or even one that just plain fails to support your values, you will not find success. The alignment between values and work provides endless powerful motivation to succeed.

When you live any part of our life contrary to your values you create stress.

All my life I valued all life. As a kid, and later as an adult, I found it very painful to eat meat. How can you raise an animal with the intention of killing it to feed you?
Well, after a serious injury wiped out my health a holistic doctor informed me that I needed animal protein to regain my health and thrive.

As much as I denied that possibility he was right – at least at the time.

That kind of choice, that goes against our grain, causes stress. Stress hurts us.

I recently had to make some big choices that caused a great deal of stress to enter my life.

I discovered I had mice living in my house. Mice are dirty and destructive. I needed them out and could not figure out how to get them to leave.

I did something runs against my beliefs regarding killing anything AND against my way of life – which is to do everything naturally and never use chemicals, most of all dangerous poisons that come with pages of warnings!

That decision was not the only stressor. After suffering the aftermath of multiple spider bites, when I started seeing multiple spiders in my house again I knew my health could not afford any more bites. Some very poisonous varieties live out here – in and around my house.

But it wasn’t just the spiders. I thought about what to do about the spiders for many months. It was the past few weeks of watching the tiniest insects walk across my ceiling at night – and even during daylight hours, that got to me.

Knowing I cannot open any windows because they come in through the screens (that is how small they are) and not being able to open my front door because flies of all sorts are sitting inside the screen door waiting to gain entry – all those factors really got me.

I felt like the critters owned my house and I was the intruder!

With all those stresses weighing heaving on my well being and health I chose to hire a pest control company to spray poison in and around my house.

I am still adjusting to the stench of the poison – which he told me was not seriously a danger as it was safe around pets and kids. Hmm. Know it stinks and I felt sick the day after.

Well, I figured while I was doing things contrary to my beliefs in being all natural I also gave in and used a chemical drain cleaner to open my seriously clogged shower drain. I had tried over and over again to use natural means to unclog the drain. All attempts failed.

So I took advantage of being in that place of allowing my health concerns to over-ride my feelings of waiting until I find the “right” natural remedies and went the conventional route.

Frankly I am not certain which stress is greater – going against my natural way of life or killing living creatures.

I do know I made a choice for my own health. I feel consistent about what I chose to do – which lessens the stress. And as I see my world get cleaner I know I will lose the stressful feelings. Yes, it is happening already.

I am not saying I will revert to a non-natural way of life. I did what I needed to do and now I can move forward in my life feeling healthier and happier.