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Beware of Psychotherapists Working On Their Own Issues

Do you really want to work with a psychotherapist who has not resolved his or her own issues?

Psychotherapists are people – just like everybody else, right? They live through growth experiences and handle life their way.

I once heard a colleague describe a service he called Therapist’s Central. He said the Universe links together clients with issues ABC and psychotherapists dealing with issue ABC.

A social worker doing psychotherapy once told me her clients make her do her own work to stay one step ahead of her clients.


Would you take wellness advice from an overweight out of shape doctor?

Can you honestly expect someone who does not know how to resolve his or her own issues to assist you with yours?

Even worse that the above scenario is the psychotherapist who fantasizes that all is well with him or her yet continues to experience conflict, dissatisfaction or lack in any area of life.

In my experience as a psychotherapist I found that people who tell you how happy they are rarely are happy at all. They work to convince themselves all is well within when the rest of the world sees the obvious struggle in their daily behaviors.

It may surprise you to know that many therapists take drugs to alter their moods, to stay focused, to stay calm, or to know peace. They know what medications to ask for and they know which doctor will prescribe what they desire.

Most psychotherapists chose their profession because someone helped them through a crisis or they truly want to assist others in living happier, healthier lives. Many psychology degree programs require students to become a client to clear out any issues within.

That is the great news. The less great news is how do you eliminate what is completely out of your awareness? Because, you see, when programs run in the subconscious mind of the therapist those blocks may well impact how they work with their clients.

Neither client nor therapist is privy to that fact.