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Psychotherapy: Why Psychotherapy Does Not Work (You Read That Right)

Psychotherapy fails to clear the programs in the subconscious mind, the ones the client will never access by talking or even through hypnosis. It doesn’t really resolve problems.


Sure, you will definitely find some events that you interpreted as hurtful or painful when you search for them either on your own or with the guidance of a skilled therapist. However, you will not find the basic cause that sparked the emotional blocks, those that keep you stuck in life.

When I worked in the field I saw people meeting (are you ready for this) weekly with their therapists for seven years. Yet no one could detect any progress – any discernible progress toward bringing those people into the present moment free of past experiences.

Whatever you focus on expands. More importantly, your mind interprets what you think and feel as the actual living of that experience.

Hmm. So what does that mean?

When you look for what is wrong with you or what is missing from your life you shift away from the present, the only time that truly exists and the only moment in which you can act.

Nothing is wrong in the present moment. What is off kilter happened in the past.

You may project your past into your future causing fear. Yet you can only make fear happen by going into your past, again away from the here and now, and deciding the circumstance that hurt you before will re-occur.

Guess what. When you focus on what you fear you will cause an event to happen that will leave you feeling the same as the one you retrieved from your past. Ta da! Congratulations. You get to stay stuck in your own prison.