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Experiencing the Invisible

What’s in store for me? The invisible allows me to see what goes on in my world that creates my reality.

As I expand into other senses and dimensions allow me to mention your reality is what
you accept it to be. What you encounter in your life is what you expect to see.

Nothing more and nothing less can exist for you. It’s true.

So what do I mean when I say the invisible runs our lives every day?

Our thoughts go out to he Universe that manifests from their energy. Yes thoughts are real pure energy. As a matter of fact so are we.

What we think in our lives becomes real. What you think impacts me. How I feel impacts you too.

We are connected. We are all One

Just play with the energy. Feel it. It’s real. That is the first clue showing you the real world you don’t see but feel. When you pay attention you will feel what you cannot see visibly.

Face your hands palms toward each other about 6 inches apart. Start moving your hands a tiny bit closer than back, closer than back. Bounce the energy between your two hands.
Feels like a sponge, doesn’t it? You do not see and you definitely feel it!

Now move your hands further apart to make the energy ball bigger. If someone else is around then show them how to bounce the energy between their own hands first. Then ask them to put out their hand so you can bounce an energy balls between the two of you.

New experience, yes? Now you have something to do if you ever find yourself stranded with nothing to read, write or listen to. Play the energy game. See how many different fun games you can invent that also educates you about the reality of the world.
Take the plunge

Step out of the box of ho hum existence. Stop following others who also dwell inside the box. You cannot change if you hang out with stuck people! Remove the locks on your limiting prison.

See life through a prism shedding new light unfurling colors so bright you will feel dazzled by all you’ve been missing all these years. Everything – people, plants, even rocks – have auras. Auras are beautiful layers of energy seen as different colors around a life form or object.

Once you begin to look through new eyes you will see what was always there but not visible because of your former paradigm of only believing what you see. The actual sequence is believe so that you will see! You will never look at your world the same way again.