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Happiness Means No More Arguing part 2

I learned a good way to stop—or prevent—arguments.

Did you ever notice it takes at least two people to argue? If someone tries to lure you into a fight simply refuse to participate. When you do not fight back the other person will at first feel very frustrated and maybe even angrier than before. And then they have to stop the fight because no one is fighting back.

The very valuable lesson in this method is to note all the things the angry person yells at you. Take mental notes of everything for which he blames you. What he reveals with his outburst is exactly what is really going on inside him.

Happiness Means No More Arguing part 1

When you live in happiness you lose the need to argue or fight. How does that happen? When you feel good about yourself you also feel good about your world. In fact, you love yourself and you love others.

Living in happiness means seeing the good in everything and everyone. When you see the Divine Being in each person then you realize the connection, the All-Is-One on this planet. To feel anger toward another ultimately directs that feeling back at you. Why would you want to create that misery in your life?

What Matters Most To You Right Now?

Well, I finally passed my 70 article mark at
Can you imagine writing 700 articles, averaging 500 words each, in six months? Well, I surprised myself .Just coming up with that many topics on the subject of happiness and how you create your reality – of course that includes health and spirituality – phew!

Now I am going to take a break from article writing to produce some home study and coaching courses. My specific focus is health especially eating as it relates to body shape and optimal health and back pain and other pain issues.

I also created and am expanding my relationship courses. Of course everything works together to contribute to your happiness or the lack thereof.

I am putting together a weekly radio show. Tell me what you want me to talk about. AND tell me where you would like assistance in your life regarding health and relaitonships.

By the way, you can get some excellent info on body shape and nutrition right now over at
Did you know that weight training lowers your blood pressure? Cardio cannot do that! And weight training builds stronger bones and new arteries that boost your heart health.
Thing is doing the weights without building the bulk. Just gotta follow your trainer!

Something Different For Valentine’s Day

One thing my kids and friends will tell you about me is that I am full of surprises. I don’t think or do things the way most people do. That includes the Valentine’s Day gift included in this video. It is a concept that can really change your whole life – when you get it and do it. Injoy!

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