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Stress: How To Dump Your Damaging Self Image and Eliminate Stress

Stress weighs on you when your self image is poor. Your self image tells you what you can and cannot be, do and have. Therein lie all your limitations in life.

But those limits are all made up. They are nothing but programs running out of your awareness. Which means you can change them.

For women who are forty-something and are either divorced or in unhappy marriages look to a poor self image as the cause for staying in that stressful place. Realize your husband did nothing to make you feel bad about yourself.

Of course you attracted him because you had issues to work out, issues at a lower level of vibration than what you desire in life. All things happy and good, all your wishes and desires, vibrate at a high frequency. You do not live in harmony with that high frequency, right now, so you fail to attract all you say you want.

Let’s get back to the subject of self image. By replacing the programs that keep you stuck in unhappiness with new programs that allow you to raise your frequency, you will change your entire world. You always and only attract people and things that vibrate in harmony with you.

So how do you make that happen? How do you erase a poor self image and create a new healthy one?

Your life change begins with a decision. Choose how you want to live your life. Then determine who you have to be and what kind of thoughts you need to have about yourself that allows you to take the necessary actions to create your new life.

Make sense?

Until you know where you want to wind up you cannot take even a tiny step on that path. Which way would you go?  How big a step would you take? No clue – until you see the end goal in mind – literally in your mind.

You hear about visualizing to manifest what you want in life. What if you begin by visualizing who you want to be in life? Then you won’t need to focus on each little thing you desire because all will flow to you – because you will live in the energy vibration where all those things you desire already exist.

You know someone who has everything go their way all the time. Their personal life, business and health all shine like gold.

Why? Look at who they are. You can feel their high energy. In fact just being around them feels great!

There is nothing special or unique about them. You can do exactly what they do and you can live as they do. Get yourself to become the person you want to be and the rest falls in place.

It is not about having stuff first and then being happy. It is about eliminating stress by becoming the happy person first then attracting happiness across your life.

Your Success Image – And Contest

I rarely endorse other people. So you know I hold a person in very high esteem if I write totally unsolicited raves about them as I am doing here.

Plus I am offering two copies of Lauren’s book, Image Matters! and two copies of her CD Become a Celebrity in Your World: Learn the Secret to the 4 people who write the best comments speaking to how and why winning one of those prizes will impact your life.

I met Lauren Solomon four years ago. At that time I still looked like a mom–which would have been fine EXCEPT my kids were grown and gone and I was starting a new business.

before Lauren’s magic           after Lauren’s magic

When I say I looked like a mom I mean I dressed and wore my hair, hmm how to put this delicately –frumpy! Only I didn’t know my look was so disempowering to me for what I intended to do in the world.

You’ve heard me say it before – what you don’t know you don’t know hurts you. And my mom look was definitely hurting me – not just in the message I sent to others but in how I felt inside.

What I didn’t know…
I didn’t even realize how my image impacted me until Lauren taught me how to alter my look. Holding her class in a designer’s intimate shop allowed our small group to try on our new looks right there and then. Hair stylists—the whole works, all in one place.

Okay. Here is what happened for me.

Lauren had asked us to bring along our wardrobes, the clothing we wore in our business and personal ventures. Every item I took out went into the give away pile. Fortunately I quickly realized I really did not like the way I felt wearing what I had thought, when I arrived at class, to be nice clothes, a nice look.

Well, you know me so you know I am always open to change. So I donated all my clothes and went with the styles Lauren showed me to be more flattering, to bring out the artist, the creative me – and the subdued wild “I buck convention” side of me.

Since I like the natural look she and her team respected my not wanting to do much makeup or color my hair. And I left that weekend with a new look, a new wardrobe and a new me – inside and out.

You hear that clothes make the person and you just say, “No way.” Of course clothes do not make you who you are. However clothes can bring out who you are – or subdue your shining Light.

What I know is when I dress well and pay attention to my hair and even soft makeup I feel beautiful and successful. And I love that feeling—even if I don’t leave the house. When I dress nicely and work at home all alone I produce a higher quality of work.

Wondering if your look affects how you feel? Think a moment, the last time you bought a new outfit and got your hair cut and styled, how did you feel when you looked in the mirror?

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