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Happiness is Simply Loving Your Life And Those Who Matter Most

There is much to be said for the simple life. You get to see, understand and truly honor what is most important to you.

Most people say they want to be rich. If you stop and talk with someone who is rich, leading the rich and famous life style o those who flaunt their riches (Most millionaires do not live in palatial homes in the lap of luxury!) many will tell you that more money brings more responsibilities, more worries and, in general, more woes!

Interesting, yes?

If you increase your worriers do you feel better or worse? Most people would agree they enjoy life less if they worry more. Hmm.

What, then, makes people happy if it is not about having lots of money?

I ask you, what makes your life worth living? How do you define happiness and success in life? In other words, what would it take for you to feel wealthy if more money is not the end goal?

Many people look at what they do not have in life. They want the material things their neighbors seem to enjoy. They want the fancy homes, the smart phones and cool games. Most people want more, more and more things.

I grew up in a simpler time. When I was a little kid my family gathered around the piano and sang songs together. We played board games inside and croquet, badminton and baseball-like games outdoors.

Televisions were pretty new. Ours was an enormous box with a tiny tube and you only got about three stations. Needless to say the broadcast was in black and white. We didn’t spend lots of time watching the television. When we did we watched Lawrence Welk and sing Along Wtih Mitch.

We could have chosen to spend family time watching others enjoy their lives (the actors on television living their dreams). But, happily for me, we didn’t. I grew up constantly being around music. My mom sang all the time. She sang like an angel. And my brother would have friends over to dance Rock ‘n’ Roll. The Texaco Opera(Texaco sponsored broadcasts from the New York Metropolitan Opera House.) played Saturday afternoons on the radio.

My family chose to enjoy each other’s company and being a family – when I was very  young and all was well.

I am so grateful for that background. I raised my own kids that way – surrounded by music and art, sports and doing and being together. I feel so blessed and  also grateful that I made the choice to run our household that way.