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Smile – It Does A Body Good

Smiling–it feels good, right? It’s contagious too. It relaxes your face and does all these things too…

Happiness Self Replicates

Everyone knows that yawns are contagious. Did you know that smiles are too? If you smile at someone chances are pretty good they will smile back at you. And if one of you starts laughing – well watch out for the ensuing fun.

Laugh out loud to liven your day and cheer up everyone in ear shot.

Smiles and laughter – catch both today and spread the cheer.

Smile – People Will Wonder What You Are Up To

The fastest way to happiness is so simple – smile and KNOW you are happy. If you do not feel happy then you chose to see your world and the people and circumstances in it in a way that leaves you feeling bummed or ho hum, sad or angry, etc.
Happiness is a choice – your choice. You will always see what you expect to see. You will always experience what you accept as your experience.

Always choose happiness. I guarantee your life will shift instantly.

Happy Happy

Happiness assures success in all you do. Smile and make your day–as well the day of everyone who looks at you and smiles back.

Smile! It’s contagious!