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Stress In Your Environment

Environmental stress appears in many forms. Sometimes it poses a physical threat and sometimes an emotional threat.

As I sat outside writing today I suddenly smelled smoke. Why would that bother me? People often fire up their grills to cook meals.

Yes, true. However I live in the high desert. The hill across the street from my house used to be covered by sagebrush – until fire destroyed all life there.

The hills across the street are very dry since they depend on natural rain to allow them to grow green. Rain in frequently falls here in summer time in the high dessert.

So all that land is very dry.

Here on our residential street our water supply comes from a well. One well feeds all the homes.

If a fire happens that well will not go far to protect homes. Consequently, if I smell smoke I check it out to make certain someone is tending that fire. And yes, I feel stress until I make a determination.

Farmers often burn brush that blocks their irrigation systems. And I noticed many people burn their discarded plants and weeds. So seeing smoke is not really so odd.

As I said I do checkout any smoke source.

So I stopped what I was doing and went down the road looking for smoke. At first I felt very alarmed as I thought I saw smoke pouring forth from a front yard. Thankfully, as I approached that yard I saw it not only was not smoke, it was water spraying a fine mist on the yard and street.

Phew. Stress gone.

I wish it was always that easy to remove stress.

Right now I am wondering if the two dead mice the pest control person removed yesterday are the only mice in my house. I hear noises and I cannot tell if they are squirrels running across the roof or mice in the walls.

Did you know a mouse can fit through a space as small as the diameter of your index finger?  If you live in the country I recommend getting a cat to calm your mind and eliminate the stress.

While I personally don’t feel terrific when a cat brings me a gift of a mouse (and I have no idea if the creature is alive or not) the alternative is not knowing rodents live in your home – destroying your property while leaving unhealthy messes behind.

Hmm. I never realized how critical a part my cat played in keeping my stress levels low. I knew how love and cuddling always left me feeling good. Now I recognize his expert hunting skill kept my house neat, clean and rodent-free.

I guess it is time to look for anther cat.