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Stress-Free Living Requires Conscious Living

Stress-free living requires you to consciously stay focused in the present moment and pay attention to your thoughts. You know your thoughts by monitoring your feelings.

I tell my clients that I never ask anything of them I have not been through or done myself. Since I have survived some major traumas in my own life and had to come back from nearly dying I do know how hard life can be.

Ah, hard if you choose to live in struggle and stress.

I find myself frequently needing to take care of crisis situations. Those moments keep me on my toes and, most important, they keep me sharp making me walk my talk.

Hmm. Why do I create such situations? Well, let’s see, I tell people I never ask anything of them I have not done myself. That is huge clue!

To stop putting myself into varied stressful situations I need to drop that line from my repertoire. No kidding!

You may think I am being silly here. But when I speak or write those words I am sending a clear message to my own subconscious mind and to the Universe that I need to keep experiencing challenges so I will be able to say, “Been there. Done tha,.”  regardless of the client’s situation.

That whole notion is really no different than thinking, as a psychotherapist, you have to suffer from every possible disorder before you can assist anyone in healing from that disorder.

What a ludicrous thought. Yet no more out there than what I put out to the Universe pretty regularly.

I know how the body, mind, spirit system work. I do not need to suffer any conditions or setbacks or stress at all –unless I need to learn more life lessons (which I do). In fact, if my own well being is not fully charged with love I can be pretty much useless at helping someone heal.

Make sense?

I know how the body/mind attracts stressful situations to itself. But only when I remember to stay present and live and act consciously in this moment can I be truly stress-free.

And I can continue to create these new thought patterns that keep me focused in the now rather than repeat the past stuck behaviors.

All I have to do is catch myself experiencing overwhelm or pressure to recognize I am not living in the present moment. Then I come back and make a decision to replace those other thoughts with pleasant ones that fail to make me feel bad.
Eliminating stress is as simple as creating new habits. It all starts with your thoughts.