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Instant Stress Relief: Top Seven Reasons To Practice Instant Stress Relief

Instant stress relief is one of the most empowering techniques you can use to eliminate stress the moment you find yourself in a stress-inducing situation. It’s amazing that more people don’t do it.

Here are the top seven benefits of using instant stress relief.

1.Preserve your health and well being. Stress impacts your physical and emotional health. Stress factors into seven of the top ten leading causes of death and is responsible for billions of dollars of missed work every year.

Stress makes people sick, unhappy and unproductive.

2. Whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on the stressor it looms as a giant, growing bigger, in your world. Soon all you will see is the problem, which blocks any possibility of seeing – or even looking for or thinking about – solutions.

You will quickly run what-if scenarios in your head that leave you feeling even more stressed.

3.You will avoid pulling out past memories of times you experienced negative results in what appear to be similar situation, dwelling on them and projecting them into your future as scenarios to fear.

Your imagination, not being able to tell the difference between what you really experience and your fantasies, causes you to live – on a physical and emotional level, the scenes you create. Those experiences take toll on your well being.

4. Stay in control of your emotions. Think with your emotions rather than allow your emotions to think for you. When you allow your emotions to take control you lose your reason and logic skills.

5. YOU continue accurate thinking. Stress can put you into your emotions leading to either positive or negative thinking. Neither serves you. Only accurate thinking, recognizing your interpretations of events, really works for your well being and happiness.

6. You look for solutions rather than not focus on the problem or the stressor. You will never solve a problem by focusing on the issue, by blaming someone for what happened or by wondering how it happened.

You can only move forward by looking for solutions.

7. Stress wastes energy, time and well being.  It creates a problem where none exists by taking you away from the present moment.

When you stay in the now you take action. You can only act in the present moment.
Struggle only exists in the future. By living in the present moment you handle the situation so it never looms as an insurmountable issue.

Either you take action now or you live in the stress of what might happen.

Stress: Can You Truly Eliminate Stress

Some people say that stress is part of life. Their paradigm sees it as inevitable and unavoidable.

You can choose to live your life that way. I prefer knowing that I control my thoughts and how my world looks.

I am not saying nothing stressful will ever arise in your life. I am saying you can step back and change our interpretation of anything that pressures you or freaks you out. Know you can find a way to interpret life events so everything that happens serves your highest and best interest – in the big picture.

Even when awful things happen, after you calm your racing heart and return your breathing to deep full slow breaths then you can change your view of whatever horrific event happened.

More importantly, you can see the solutions that always come with the challenge, After all, there are no obstacles only opportunities.

People call that way of thinking Pollyanna thinking. They say that thinking positively doe snot work. And they are right. Positive thinking is, as I witness it in others, a way of hiding from the truth, sugar-coating it as if nothing is wrong and all is perfect.

Positive thinking does not work. But then negative thinking does not work either. Why in the world do people call reality the negative interpretation of life?

No, neither negative nor positive thinking will move you out of stress and into happiness. That path requires accurate thinking.

What is accurate thinking?

Events just are what they are. They have no meaning.  You give them meaning. You give an event one meaning and I give that exact same event an entirely different meaning.

So now who is right? Both of us and neither of us.

My interpretation fits for me while yours fits for you. Yet neither is an accurate view of what actually transpired.

Accurate thinking ends all strife forever because it leads you to the only and perfect truth that there is no where to go and nothing to get. Life simply is what life is. What happens happens.

You can feel wigged out about what happens. Or you can accept what happens. Which thought leads you to the emotions that then move you to the appropriate action for you? By appropriate I mean the action that leaves you feeling really good, at peace and – therefore without stress?

Do you see that your thoughts make the deciding factor as to whether or not you live in stress?

Ready to do something about it?

Handling Stress In Any Situation

When you know how to tackle and defeat stress in your world then you can feel happy and great regardless of what is going on in your world.

Things will go bump in the night and in the daytime too. Life never flows in a smooth downstream direction. At best it meanders, even when it flows downstream.

How those events that pop up impact you depends entirely on you and how you choose to interpret them.

Do you ignore them and go on about your business considering them to be simple little nuisances that do not really have an effect on what you are doing?

While that thought may seem true on a surface level I caution you to remember that everything happens for a beautiful and Divine reason. Every little and every big thing. Nothing happens by accident. So that little accident was no accident at all.

Remember we are all connected to each other and to everything. We are one single energy, part of the Creator, God, Universe. Whatever we do impacts everyone else and vice versa.

Realize that whatever you do to others eventually comes right back to you – maybe multiplied many times over in how deeply it affects you.

Most people spend their time in their heads listening to the Little Voice tell them all about life while they experience it. Often the Little Voice reminds you about your past, especially about hurts and events that turned out bad or even scary.

The thing is, you listen to that Little Voice. In fact you do so automatically. You have been doing it for so long you don’t even know you do it.

Your Little Voice, right now is telling you to stop reading this article because all this is nonsense. Do you hear it saying something like that?

It is not your true voice at all.

That Little Voice censors everything you experience telling you if you agree with or like it, dislike it or think it is hogwash, etc.

Hmm. Hear it talking to you about these words and concepts?

What if, instead of listening to the Little Voice tell you about life you just experienced life in each moment.?

That practice (and it will take practice to break your life long habit of being led around by the Little Voice) is called conscious living. Living in the present moment and paying attention to what you actually feel, hear, see, taste and touch will feel like a totally new and different experience from listening to everything being described and judged by the Little Voice. By the way, that Little Voice prevents you from forming your own opinion of anything!

Want to live your life without stress? Tell your Little Voice, “Thank you for sharing. “ It will usually stop chatting. You may need to tell it that often. It will stop each time. Once you get the hang of it you will notice a marked difference in your freedom to truly enjoy your life in each moment. Joy will replace stress.

Stress: Does It Cost Too Much To Avoid Stress

No matter where you live or what you do, stress is part of your life every day. You cannot avoid situations that leave you feeling overworked, overwhelmed or even worried and anxious.

What you can do is change the way you face life’s surprises, ups and downs. You can learn to respond rather than react. And you can take charge of your life by living only in the present moment.

When you live in the now no crisis can exist. In the present you act. Stress happens when you anticipate some future pain. Stop misusing your imagination to create fear, worry and anxious moments!

Instead, spend time and energy enjoying life. Get massages to remove toxins that put stress on your physical body. Relax your muscles. Feel pampered. Regular messages are very beneficial mentally as well as physically.

What?  You say they cost too much?

Regular vacations from the routine reduce stress. Every day you do the same old thing. Monotony actually causes more anxiety than new challenges. You need a change of pace, a change of scene and a change of routine to keep your brain working well, to stay alert and keep expanding your horizons.

What?  You say vacations cost too much?

Exercise gets the kinks out of muscles, oxygenates your body, keeps your blood bright red and lets you sleep better at night. Yes, exercise takes time and effort. Yes, you will have to plan it and actually write it in your schedule. And then do it!

What? You say gym memberships or home equipment costs too much?

Treat yourself to something special when you accomplish goals. They do not need to be large goals. After all, small steps get you to the same destination as giant leaps.

Only small steps better fit your stride. Besides you can take those now. Most important, you can handle the small steps, gain victories and increase your self-confidence for taking the next step.

What? You say celebrating your small victories cost too much?

Do you realize if you fail to counter the effects that stress takes on your body you will wind up with a huge medical bill, maybe lost work, a stay in the hospital or maybe even a heart attack?

How sad a comment that people think it is a waste of time and money to take care of themselves with massages, vacations, exercise, and gifts for themselves. Yet they will spend ten times that amount on the medical bill to recover from the effects of NOT spending the money and time on themselves in a joyful, feel good, I am important manner.

Stress: The Fun Way to Eliminate Stress

You can actually use this one technique to eliminate stress and enjoy yourself in the process. Yes, you read that right. This stress elimination technique can be fun for you and downright entertaining for the partner who assists you in the process.

“Okay then, what is this magic answer?” you ask.

First ask someone to make a commitment to you to assist you when you are ready. It is often helpful for you to choose someone else who, like you, wants to get rid of some stressful issue in their own life. That way you will assist each other creating a win-win situation. Situations where all come out winners usually go smoothly and efficiently.

Take a pen and paper. Write down the stressor. Maybe it is an event or maybe it is circumstance. If it is person then write down the name of the person.

Next go into great and thorough detail describing what happened that left you feeling stressed. Think of every little point no matter how small, that contributes, even today, to your feelings all about the stressor.

The more information you write down the more effective your elimination of the stress will be.

Take your time.  No one will set a timer or criticize you for taking too long.

Let your partner know when you are done writing all the details. As soon as your partner agrees he or she is ready for the next step simply decide who gets to go first.

Okay, now the person who goes first, take your full story about the event that continues to stress you out. Get comfortable and tell your partner to get comfortable too.

Now read what\you wrote –include all the details! Just plow right through it until you finish revealing every item and feeling on your papers.

Your partner’s job is simply to listen – no commenting, no opinions – just listen.

When you finish your partner says, “Thank you. Will you please share it again.”

Okay, so you read it all over again. And when you finish your partner offers the same response, “Thank you for sharing. Please read it again.”

After about the forth reading your words will begin to sound silly. As you continue to read your story over and over again you will find yourself becoming detached from the emotions of the story, seeing the event for what it truly was – just a meaningless event in time and space. Not relevant to your life today in this moment.

As you read your tale of woe you will notice how silly it sounds and chances are you and your partner will start to laugh out loud. Each reading will bring more laughter until you decide to chuck the stressor and the story because it no longer wields any power over you.