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Stress: Does It Cost Too Much To Avoid Stress

No matter where you live or what you do, stress is part of your life every day. You cannot avoid situations that leave you feeling overworked, overwhelmed or even worried and anxious.

What you can do is change the way you face life’s surprises, ups and downs. You can learn to respond rather than react. And you can take charge of your life by living only in the present moment.

When you live in the now no crisis can exist. In the present you act. Stress happens when you anticipate some future pain. Stop misusing your imagination to create fear, worry and anxious moments!

Instead, spend time and energy enjoying life. Get massages to remove toxins that put stress on your physical body. Relax your muscles. Feel pampered. Regular messages are very beneficial mentally as well as physically.

What?  You say they cost too much?

Regular vacations from the routine reduce stress. Every day you do the same old thing. Monotony actually causes more anxiety than new challenges. You need a change of pace, a change of scene and a change of routine to keep your brain working well, to stay alert and keep expanding your horizons.

What?  You say vacations cost too much?

Exercise gets the kinks out of muscles, oxygenates your body, keeps your blood bright red and lets you sleep better at night. Yes, exercise takes time and effort. Yes, you will have to plan it and actually write it in your schedule. And then do it!

What? You say gym memberships or home equipment costs too much?

Treat yourself to something special when you accomplish goals. They do not need to be large goals. After all, small steps get you to the same destination as giant leaps.

Only small steps better fit your stride. Besides you can take those now. Most important, you can handle the small steps, gain victories and increase your self-confidence for taking the next step.

What? You say celebrating your small victories cost too much?

Do you realize if you fail to counter the effects that stress takes on your body you will wind up with a huge medical bill, maybe lost work, a stay in the hospital or maybe even a heart attack?

How sad a comment that people think it is a waste of time and money to take care of themselves with massages, vacations, exercise, and gifts for themselves. Yet they will spend ten times that amount on the medical bill to recover from the effects of NOT spending the money and time on themselves in a joyful, feel good, I am important manner.