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Spirit and Your True Self: Life Free From Struggle Happens When You Know Your True Self and Spirit

Once you know how to communicate with your True Self how do you apply that knowing in your every day life? How does it make a difference in your daily living?

Every move you plan to take, you listen first to know if what you intend is in your highest and best interest. Your spirit will never ever let you choose a step that ultimately, in the big picture, is NOT in your highest and best interest. NEVER!

I am not saying you will never get hurt because often we learn our most powerful lessons through pain – physical, emotional or spiritual. (I certainly am an expert on that subject) I am saying whatever path you follow will allow you to realize your desires and advance your soul’s journey.

You no longer need to guess whether or not to move forward on a decision. Just ask your spirit for an answer that is completely accurate 100% of the time the time.

Okay, Ali, if you get totally accurate life forwarding information all the time don’t you instantly live in happiness?

No, not until you form new habits. Habits form life styles and create your future. You currently live with habits that prevent you from seeing how you stay stuck.

You probably live in the habit of “not doing” at least in some areas of your life – like taking care of yourself. You train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself – but that is a talk for another time.

To change your world you want to create the habit of listening for your Higher Self (Spirit, Soul) every day. Paying attention to what goes on in your world means becoming present to the NOW.

Few people actually live in the only moment you ever have to act. That moment is now, and now, and now…

The thing is your Higher Self talks to you in every moment. When you remember that Spirit is not separate from you and access its information quickly, you form a habit of being in your world differently.

You will hear the whispers of actions to take and actions to avoid. If you fail to hear those whispers then the Universe gets really loud, in your face and presents a lesson so painful you can’t miss it! And all because you were not paying attention to those daily messages.

Oh yeah, if you miss the whispers and the Universe slams you and you still fail to see the lessons and make the changes you need to make then the next shout from the Universe will be even bigger, even louder and far more attention getting – in other words, something you will see as horrific.

Your life must change when you change your daily thinking, feeling and routines. And until you do, your life CANNOT change. Period. You stay stuck in pain, or at best, in ho hum.

Your True Self: Who You Really Are Is Not Who You Think You Are (Because Others Told You So)

Many people talk about loving yourself. There is a difference between the self you know and who you really are.

When I refer to the Self I am not talking about the self you treat to bubble baths and walks along the beach. I am talking about your Higher Self, Your Spirit, Your Soul, the immortal part of you that is connected to the Universal Oversoul, the All-is-One, the God Force, Creator – whatever term you use.

When you were first born you were your True Self. But you were unable to filter out incoming messages so your parents, caretakers, siblings and. society put all these descriptions—and limitations – into your subconscious mind telling you who you can and cannot be, what you can and cannot do and what you can and cannot have.

You had no way to stop those messages. They went directly into your subconscious mind (you had not developed the ability to screen those messages with your conscious mind) So file folders were created that define your self image – your self that you call and know as you.

That self is really your ego. Lest we contribute to the bad reputation that term, ego, already has, let me put this into perspective for you.  The ego conforms to the definition you and others already call you. Working with the brain and mind it serves to keep you safe – and very stuck.

So long as you do not attempt any behaviors for which you have no programs in your subconscious mind, the ego reigns powerfully over your life. And so you have no chance to grow and, more importantly, no chance to change who you are.

The cold hard facts tell you that you are not who other people told you that you could be. That is just their opinion. Their opinions really do not define you at all.

Who you are is pure energy. Who you are is a Divine Being. All of you is God, Source, Creator. AND God is more than just you.

You are your Spirit. You are your subconscious mind, the connection to God, to All-That-Is. Live in that truth and acknowledge that all you need is readily and always available to you simply by asking – and listening for the response from your True Self, Your Spirit

Plug into the master Source for solutions and answers to your every question. No matter how big or how small your request, your Spirit honors and supplies you. After all, in truth, you and your Spirit are one and the same.

Struggle Happens When You Live As Your Ego Self Separated From Your True Self

The person you think you are is actually your ego self maintained by your self-image. Only you never made your self-image. And you certainly were not born with it.

So who are you – really?

You are a spirit living in a human body. The real you is part of the Divine All-Is-One that you read about. The real you is that connecting piece to everyone and to everything.

When you remember that truth you realize that struggle really is optional. The way you live your life and how you choose to look at the world determine whether you enjoy a peaceful and joyful existence – or not.

When you study the tenets of every major religion you discover they share a single goal – living in happiness by remembering our connection with the Divine both as ourselves and as the Life Force, God, Creator – whatever term you use.

People only suffer when they forget that Oneness and feel alone and on their own.

But how does that connection happen? By knowing and loving your self. I am not talking about bubble baths and meditation with oils. I am talking about communicating with your Higher Self, your Spirit, your immortal Soul –the many names by which you will know who you really are. I call it your True Self

Discover your True Self, who you were at birth. As a child your parents and siblings, teachers and society told you all about whether you were good or bad, smart or useless, cute or dull, etc. All their comments went into folders they created (not you) in your subconscious mind leading you to create an ego self you think really is you. To hold its power, that ego driven self strides to maintain separateness from your own unlimited possibilities Divine Being.

That separation leads to all struggle. Without the knowings that come constantly from your Spirit, you make choices and decisions by guessing and hoping. You use what you call logic, which is a poor substitute for 100% accurate information that is always in your highest and best interest.

Only your Spirit can provide those answers because only your Spirit knows your past, present and future. It guides you along your path.  You want to learn how to listen to its messages.

You also want to learn how to communicate your needs, ask questions for which you want answers and solve problems with the solutions that come with every problem—except you have to learn how to see them.

Your ego mind loses all its power over you if you connect with your Divinity. It places obstacles on your path to take you off course. It knows when you recognize your Truth, who you really are as opposed to your limiting self-image, it will lose its power over you.

Imagine how your world will look and the things you will do when you know that every choice you make comes with the confidence that you will thrive.

Nice picture, isn’t it?

Realize that sometimes events happen that will be in your highest and best interest but they may come in scary or even horrific forms to get your attention and keep you focused on the now. Even those happenings always come with solutions and the gift of learning something you needed to know to progress on your soul journey.

As you know your True Self you will love the real You. That self-love will move you forward through your human journey so you accumulate all the learning you came to gather in this lifetime.

Happiness: Why Happiness Eludes You (No Matter How Much Stuff You Own)

Happiness is not the result of fancy homes, cars, jewelry, clothing, etc. You will not find it on vacation or at the gym. No movie or book will bring you anything beyond a momentary joy.

Happiness will elude you so long as you look outside yourself to find it. Nothing and no one can make you happy – not even close.

But you already know that fact because you’ve tried everything – buying new clothes, getting your hair done, going to the spa and the gym. Your kitchen has all the latest gadgets. You even took that long dreamed of vacation –all to no avail.

Someone looking at your life from the outside would say you have everything. But all you have still leaves you feeling like something is missing. You feel a deep hole inside, a bottomless chasm that no happy times, activities or new purchases seem to fill.

What is it that eats away at you telling you something is amiss? What else is there for you? How do you move life from humdrum to you can’t wait to get up every day and enjoy being you?

Ah ha! That is exactly the answer – get up to enjoy being you. Who are you? Do even have a clue as to who your True Self is? Do you know the difference between the self you think you are and who you really are?

Allow me to help you find out who you are. Grab a pen and paper. I do not recommend using the computer because you want this information to come from your deeper levels, from out of your awareness. That happens most easily with pen (or pencil) in hand.

Ready? Without taking your pen off the paper write down who you are to you. Keep writing until no words flow onto the page. Spend at least ten minutes on this exercise. That may seem like a lot of time. Trust me, once you begin ten minutes will turn out to be the minimum you need to describe all the aspects of who you see yourself to be.

It is okay to call a close friend or family member for help. Ask them who you are to them. Maybe you want to ask a few somebodys. It doesn’t matter where you get the info as long as it fits for you and you write for at least ten minutes.

Done? Great! Now look at your list. Look closely at each word and phrase describing you. Are you holding a list of things you do and did in your life? Is this a list of roles you play (friend, mother, colleague, child, partner, etc?)?
Every word on that paper describes your ego self not your True Self.

You see, your True Self is who you were at birth before anyone planted beliefs in your subconscious mind defining who you could and could not be, what you could and could not do and ultimately what you could and could not have – including happiness.

Your Spiritual Journey Takes You Home Again

Your Spiritual journey is really all about awakening to who you truly are. It is about discovering the True Self who you were at birth, shedding the false self who you and others think you are today.

Ultimately you will find there is no place to get to and nothing to get. You already are all you will ever need. You are the immortal part of the All-Is-One, connected to everyone and everything that exists throughout the Universe.

There is only One energy. You may call it Source, The Universe, Creator, God. No matter what name you assign, realize that all of you (I am not talking about your physical body but the “you” currently inhabiting it) is part of that Life Force. Obviously that Energy is more than just you for It is more than the sum of the total souls that exist.

A good spiritual teacher has nothing at all to teach you. As such my purpose is to awaken you so that you remember what you already know so that you can go home again.

Where is home?…