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Truth: Is Something True Because You Read It?

Is something true simply because you read it in a book or even in a few books?

I just returned from a biweekly gathering of friends. Together we educate each other on metaphysical subjects. All the people in the circle are healers who work with energy in very many different ways.

Tonight two members led a discussion on a series of books by a particular author. The author described the books as the culmination of twenty years of work with hypnotherapy patients who recounted past life experiences in places like Atlantis and other planets.

Why tell you all this? Whether or not you believe any of that information is irrelevant. My point, here, is to ask you, “Do you believe something just because you read it?”

Most people believe what they read. That is why the press can easily damage celebrities and politicians. All someone has to do is make an accusation. No matter how ludicrous the claim, if a newspaper picks up the so-called story (or an online press, or a quick thinking author) then the accused has to prove his or her innocence.

How nutsy is that practice? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The people leading tonight’s talk and others in the group who had read the books, took the information as gospel! They spoke as if the words in the books were absolute indisputable fact!

As a writer and former psychotherapist I take issue with books written in that manner. Actually I wonder why people, in general, blindly believe words simply because someone printed them in a book, newspaper or online news service.

I am keenly aware of the much-publicized cases, back in the 1980s, of sexual abuse that never happened. The mind can be tricked into thinking something is real that never was real at all.

That truth was proven man times in those years when trauma from sexual abuse was the diagnosis in fashion. Yes, if you look at health care you will notice there are diagnoses, both physical and emotional, that come into style and everyone seems to wind up with those particular diagnoses.

(Think knee and hip replacements, torn rotator cuffs – to name a few.) Such widespread common injuries result from thought forms that people buy into. But that is the subject of another article.

So taking the word of clients who were hypnotized as gospel does not jive with me. Think about this – besides massive thought forms (that people plug into and cannot escape adopting those same stories and experiences as their own) are really nothing more than someone’s interpretation of reality.

Events just are. People give them meanings. To say something actually happened because lots of people tell the same story does not in anyway, shape or form, mean it actually happened that way or even happened at all!

Same holds true of channeled books. Okay, maybe some books are truly channeled from entities. Think about this: some entities know what they are talking about while others just talk with no clue.

How do you know who to believe?

Think for yourself. Weigh the possibilities. Then ask your own Higher Self (Spirit), for accurate information. I did that while the people were “teaching” tonight

My Spirit told me not to buy the books.