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Happiness: Why So Many People Fail to Know Happiness

Surprisingly, in today’s world unhappy people outnumber happy people by 4 to 1.

Last night I was listening to a noted doctor speak about depression. He said that 60% of people are clinically depressed. That shocked me!

What he said next floored me.

He shared that studies reveal that 80% of people are unhappy.

Those statistics beg the question, “Why are so may people feeling so bad at this time?”

Interesting question to ponder.

If you look from the outside, these times offer us everything at our fingertips. People can go online and order whatever they want from any place in the world.

Or they can play all kinds of games with people they would never have met in person. For that matter, people can do things with their mobile phones that were not even dreams just a few years ago.

The fact is people have more toys than ever. The number of timesaving devices invented in the past ten years far outnumbers the number of devices created over all of time!

Knowledge expands faster than anyone can fathom – or take in.

Yet people are more unhappy than ever. People are also more hassled than ever.

In a time of labor and timesaving devices and conveniences why are people so stressed? Why do people have less time than they did during simpler times in history?

I have a cell phone that I can hold in the palm of my hand. On that tiny device I have a camera, a speakerphone, a QWERTY keyboard, alarm, calendar, stopwatch, count-up timer, calculator—and even a phone!

Personally I rarely use it but I have all those tools for the occasion when I may need them (mostly when I travel). I can do anything on that little device that I can do on my laptop.

And therein lies part of the problem. People feel they have to be connected every moment. Many business people think if they do to respond to every call or tweet or update in the ocean of social media that they will lose ground to their competition.

Ah! The crux of the matter…

There is enough business for everyone. The stark reality that so many of these run-run-run people fail to see is they can have their share of customers and leave the rest for others to take their share!

Life is not a competition. Even business is not about competition.

Life is about caring about others and serving them in the best way you know how. Your mission, here, is to contribute your gift so all may benefit.

Look back through history. When civilizations become greedy and businesses and governments are all about “me” the entire system collapses.

You can see it happening now all around the world.

When you look though, you will also see the new breed of business owner who serves customers the best way possible and makes a difference for all of us and for the planet too.

Happiness: 5 Biggest Reasons Happiness Eludes People

Everyone wants to be happy right? Then why are so many people miserable, unable to find happiness for themselves?

These 5 reasons name the biggest obstacles people create to keep happiness away:

1. Instead of looking for ways to feel better they look for ways to stop feeling sad and bad. When you avoid something you lower your energy. But finding happiness requires higher energy, a higher frequency of vibration.

2. People fail to take the time to clearly define what happiness means for them. If you do not know your destination how can you possibly know when you arrive?

You need to get very clear on how your life will unfold each day when you do live in happiness.

3. Before embarking on this new journey to happiness they must first get clear in their present circumstance. What, exactly, is causing them to feel unhappy, crummy sad or bad?

Maybe they do not know the exact cause. Most people have no clue. However they do know what kinds of events trigger their unhappy feelings. When they make time to be with themselves and ask themselves what makes them feel bad their intuition will kick in and tell them what they want to know.

4. They fail to take the starting point information (A) and the desired ending point (B) and make a plan to get from A to B. They do not need to know all the steps. All they need to do is trust that the Universe will provide the synchronistic events that lead them where they want to go.

When the Universe offers a chance to go and do something they must act immediately on that recommendation. Usually they are too lazy or scared to take that inspired action so they slow their progress or even block their path to happiness.

5. They do not really want to be happy. That reason is no trick to explain. People who live in a constant state of unhappiness derive some benefits from staying stuck. Maybe it is their way to get attention and get others to do things for them. Maybe that unhappiness gets them a diagnosis of depression that they then use as an excuse for not being productive or taking care of themselves and their lives.

As a psychotherapist I saw people perpetuate their helpless unhappy states to continue to get welfare and other government support. Actually they could have supported themselves with no problem but felt they preferred not to work when they could get more without doing anything.

Ultimately when people continue to take (thereby working against the Universal Laws of Giving AND Receiving) they become unhappy and resentful for always taking without giving back. So even though, looking from the outside you would think takers have no reason to feel anything but happy, that is not the reality the live.