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Stress Comes in Some Formidable Forms

Sometimes stress appears seemingly out of the blue in forms so violent you are taken aback and temporarily at a loss as to how to respond. Well, hopefully you are looking for the response and did not simply react and feed a fire possibly blowing it up into an uncontainable wildfire.

You see that kind of thing in politics and business, usually perpetrated by someone in a feeble attempt to eliminate tough competition.

The world of competition will always produce stress without benefiting anyone – not in the big picture. Greedy people eventually get back the poison they put out. Fact: you get what you give in this energy Universe where we are all connected as One.

Well, if someone attacks you platitudes will not resolve the issue. SO what will?

If someone says something in a public forum, unfortunately, the attacked person it put in place of defending and proving themselves innocent. Makes no sense, does it? Somehow most people believe what they see in the media.

Most people fail to stop and think about the fact that the media only sells bad news. When did you last buy a paper or tune into a radio or television station to listen to the happy news?

So how can you turn a stressful, probably untruthful attack, around and go on with your life?

Maybe you do not need to turn it around. May be the act of acknowledging the untruth feeds it energy to help it stay in the forefront of the public eye.

What you do not feed withers away and dies.

What if you send love to whoever started the rumor? What if you sent love to that person every time you think of it all day long?

Could a person who loves, honors and respects himself deliberately lash out with the sole intention of hurting another person?

People who hurt others and judge others lack love. They lack good feelings about themselves. They tend to have poor self images (even if they seem to be successful) they can have pitifully poor self images and extremely low self esteem and self confidence.

People who know how great they are never need to tell others that fact. They go about their lives without any need to pit down another person or brag about their own accomplishments.

People always turn up in your world as you expect to see them and also in the form, presenting the behaviors you accept as being their way. When you take them out of the box into which you placed them they will become the person who behaves the way you wish them to be.

Do you really want to get back at someone who hurt you or would rather turn them into an ally?