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Core Values: Priorities and Directions of Core Values

Core Values create your world. You live according to the beliefs and perform only the behaviors that align with your core values. Well, you live in happiness and find success when you do. However you fail to find either happiness or success when you fail to live in alignment with what you, in your core, believe is right.

If you have never done so create a list of your core values. Now rearrange the list in order of importance to you with the value you find most important listed first.

Done? Excellent. (If you think you will do this later then you have a value saying procrastination and incompletion of tasks works for you.) We both know the likelihood of you coming back to make your list later is slim to none. So take a few minutes to make it now. Remember to prioritize your values.

How did you determine the order of your priorities? Even more to the point, how did you discover your core values?

Those deep beliefs, alive and well in your subconscious mind, run your life. The thing is, some of what you think defines your most important values really do not meet that definition at all.

What am I talking about?

Core values move you forward toward your Very Excellent Life. Sometimes you think your behaviors protect you from what you do not want rather than forward you along your happiness path.

For most of my life I consistently rated honesty as my top core value. I could not tolerate anyone or anything dishonest. I used to ask my mom to go out and walk the dog rather than answer it and tell someone she was not home when she actually was. (That is how powerful my core value of honesty was for me – or so I thought.)

When I learned the true definition of core values then I found that honesty was so important because of all the dishonest people and experiences running scattered across my life. I was moving away from (avoiding) any new experiences with dishonesty.

Honesty remains on my list now but for different reasons. And it no longer holds the primo spot.

Okay. Got it?

Now go through your list of core values and note which move you forward toward your dream life and which serve to move you away from what you do not want.

Happiness happens when you move toward what you want rather than away from what you do not want.

Core Values: What Are Your Core Values?

Core values define how you live your life. They create the box that limits how you behave and what you believe.

Most people live their lives without knowing their core values. Yet even more important than knowing your the values you hld most dear may be knowing why you chose to live according to those beliefs taking only those types of actions. Add to that issue knowing whether your deepest beliefs move you toward the life you want or away from the life you do not want.

Phew! What a lot of information, yes? Too much for one short article. So right now let’s investigate how to uncover and prioritize your personal core values.

What is really important to you in your life? What sort of behaviors are okay for you to live and which are acceptable when other people exhibit them?

On a less concrete level, what is okay with you and what do you avoid?

Most people create include areas like these on their lists: integrity, love, family, health, truth, honesty, fun, spirituality, ethics, religion, privacy, silliness, pride

Consider the points on that list and see which areas are important to you in your life. I am talking vital to how you live your life. Deep in your core, the center of your being, what do you value (have to experience) in each area that you consider a core value for you?

For example, for me love is the primary core value by which I live. I feel love for myself, for all creatures, for the planet and for what I do. I must love what I do in all areas of my life or I know I will not experience any degree of success.

I believe love is the single solution to every problem. Love is the antithesis of apathy. For me loving my life and everything and everyone in my world becomes a driving force. (Being in love is different from loving, okay?)

Once you make your list of core values put them in the order of important to you. That way if you ever encounter a situation where you find it difficult to make a choice you can examine the choices against your core values and choose whatever path allows you align with the core value that ranks higher for you.

If your life does not look the way you want it to then make a list of your core values and see if you live in alignment with every single one of them. You will never know true happiness until you do.