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He Collapsed – Devastation and Miracles

He screamed and collapsed. I thought I lost him. It was so terrifying. I don’t cry easily. My nose is sore from all the wiping.

I was certain I would awaken to his lifeless body this morning. He had not eaten for two days and yesterday stopped drinking water. And all I could do was love him and do all the energy work and prayer I knew to do. He seemed to hurt too much to be touched.

The vet said his heart is weak, that he has a murmur and could go at any time.

The vet? Yes. I am talking about my closest dearest buddy–the one who welcomes me when I come home, who warms my office chair for me and my bed at night, the Soul who gives me unconditional love and lived through some nightmares as I changed my life – and his – over the past 17 years.

If you never owned a cat or some pet who taught you about life as mine has done then maybe this note makes no sense whatsoever to you. But if you ever lost someone close to you then you know how I feel.

I am sorry I did not put up a new Take 5 Tuesday for you today. I could not write a song or make a video. I need to hold my little very little guy who is down to 6 pounds.

Here is the thing…I hope maybe you can learn something from what happened to us on Sunday. When my cat came to me and screamed then fell over limp I burst into tears and felt so filled with anguish and loss that I pleaded with him not to leave me.

Yeah, that was really selfish. Took me a while to calm down (like until the next day when I saw him hanging on but with little life in him). I spent most of the day lying on the floor next to him telling him to take the energy I and my friends were sending to either heal and recover or to take it and leave his body.

You see, I learned, ten years ago, as I assisted my mom through the transition process out of her body to the next plane, that she stayed in her extremely pained body because she was worried about me. She told me that when I asked her why she wouldn’t leave.

I told her I was okay and I would be okay – terribly sad but okay. Since she left I learned no one ever dies. In fact I know when she comes to visit me. But that is a story to put on my blog not go into now.

Anyway, Oreo seemed to get what I was telling him. He is deaf but I know (also learned this with my Mom) the Spirit hears every word. So when he seemed so calm last night I prepared myself for his departure.

Only this morning he is still here. He purred a soft gentle purr for which I really had to listen. Then he asked for and ate a bit of food and drank some water. He is walking around and looking out the window.

No not his usual self but hey, yesterday I spent all day watching to see if he was still breathing.

The Universe is conspiring – I mean you would not believe all the things that happened in the past 12 hours – to bring peace to both of us.

I don’t know if Oreo is feeling better. The last thing I ever want is for him to stay here in pain because I don’t want to lose him.

What I definitely know is he and I are okay and always will be. Know when I speak the following words they come through me from the HIghest Source that is pure love, pure energy…

“In every moment of every day we are each held with Love in Light.”

All that I share with you comes from my personal and professional experiences with real people and real animals. I do not teach theory or maybes. I live in the truths I share and walk my talk.

And I thank you for reading what just poured out of my heart. Mostly I thank you for joining me on this magnificent though oft’ times supremely challenging adventure we call life.

If you do this sort of thing, both Oreo and I welcome your prayers, Light, energy and love. I will be posting to my blog to keep you and my friends informed of Oreo’s status – and mine.

I live out in the country. My friends live 25 miles away. Oreo is sometimes the only one who talks to me or cuddles with me for days. We all need touching. And that was part of my initial outburst on Sunday. I felt I would be alone. Duh! I know I live in that I am never alone – ever.

In a crisis as emotions flare up intelligence takes a nose dive.


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