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Psychotherapy: The Proper Use Of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy appears to fill many needs for individuals. Does it really accomplish that end?

Your path is just that – your path.

When you seek advice from someone else you surrender your choice to follow decisions made by someone who cannot possibly know what is in your highest and best interest.

Talking with someone, even a great listener, does help – but not in the way most people think. In fact, most people who seek the aid of psychotherapy seek answers.

They want the psychotherapist to fix them, to tell them what to do or what not to do so they can relieve the pressure and pain under which they see themselves functioning.

Notice I said the pressure and pain they see or interpret as painful.

Unfortunately most therapists work under the illusion they know what is best for the client.

After all they studied their craft and worked with many individuals. Often those clients completed their therapy sessions remarking how great they felt and moved on with their lives.

Ah, but did they really? Or did they wind up substituting one form of dissatisfaction for another? They did unless they exposed the root cause, the bottom line that placed them in the vulnerable position in the first place.

Unrevealed causes present as health issues and injuries. They show up in emotions that seem unconnected to the reason for which they originally sought talk therapy.

How then can talk therapy help?

When people write down their thoughts (especially when they write from their right brain, unencumbered by left brain “reason and logic”) they discover what they had no clue existed within.

When a person shares those thoughts aloud their impact becomes even more profound.

Rather than inappropriately burden a friend when you go through emotional upheavals in your life go talk with a professional who truly knows how to listen. Avoid anyone who thinks you came for answers.

You have your own accurate answers. You just need help recognizing how they appear in your world.