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Stress: 5 Biggest Reasons People Experience Stress

Nobody wants to live under stressful conditions. Then why don’t people take the actions they know to take to eliminate the stress in their lives?

These five biggest reasons people stay stuck in stress.

1.  People become addicted to their emotions. In fact they identify with their stress-filled lives. Often they wear that overwhelm like a badge on their sleeve!

For those people feeling like a hero becomes a powerful motivating factor in continuing to keep high pressure circumstances in their world. Their family and friends tend to feed their illusion (or maybe it is more properly a delusion) of being such a great person, a true martyr sacrificing their possibly comfortable life to provide more for their family.

2. They see the stress looming as an unconquerable giant before their eyes. By focusing on their problems they make them so big that they no longer see anything in their world beyond that painful circumstance.

You cannot focus on both something good and something bad at the same time. Most people grab hold of the bad view that fits into their comfort zone.

Of course everything is just an interpretation of a meaningless event so nothing is inherently good or bad.
3. Most people buy into the huge energy thought form that states stress is not only an inevitable part of life but also a necessary part. Those people explain that good stress (as they call it) acts as a great motivator to get things done in life.

There is no such thing as good stress. All stress damages your physical, mental and spiritual health and well being.

4. People fear the unknown. Living with stress may feel awful. However, it is a way of life they find familiar. Taking a new action, stepping outside the box they call home, appears terribly scary for them.

For most people stretching their comfort zone by taking on new behaviors and beliefs threatens them to their core. Staying in their current life seems reasonable and safe.

5. The brain and mind serve to discourage people from taking new actions. The job of the mind and brain is to keep people safe. How do they accomplish that end? They send messages that tell you not to take risks. In fact, you hear those messages pretty much all the time in the persona of a Little Voice that lives in your head.

Right now that Little Voice is telling you to stop reading because I must be nuts if I have a Little Voice that talks to me.

Hear it?

Those messages applied, perhaps, when you were a child or in some truly dangerous situation. However, they no longer serve you – except to keep you inside your limiting box that defines your life by holding stress over you as a threat that must surely come with a life style change.

So what are you going to eliminate stress from your world? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone right now before you change your mind?