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Stress: Why Do Some People Feel More Stress Than Others?

Stress seems to be a subjective experience. The same stimulus that causes an array of physical symptoms in one person fails to bother a different person in any way.

For example, for me even the thought of riding a roller coaster, especially one that runs upside-down or backwards, makes my heart jump.  I think if I went on such a ride I would get so stressed so fast it would cause a heart attack.

Yet millions of people love to ride roller coasters. They enjoy that adrenalin rush. What they experience as exhilaration I experience as intense fear and super high stress.

What makes that difference? Why do some people live every moment in crisis or high drama constantly in stressful situations – or so they perceive them that way.

Therein lies the answer. Stress results from interpreting life events in ways that feel bad, negative, sad, angry, etc.

Stressed people see the glass as half empty. Their focus always goes to the worst possible scenario regardless of the situation.

You always see what you look for – always. When you look for the bad you will find it. Ah, and when you look for the good you will find the good!

People actually become addicted to their emotional state. Witness how people who live in drama and stress behave while on vacation. For them their stress level often increases when they don’t have to go to work.

They find themselves anxious about what may be happening back at the office – or not happening that needs to get done. They worry about how much work is piling up for them to tend to after their vacation.

Those people attract bad things because all they feel is worry and fear. People always and only attract who they are and how they feel. Then they seem surprised their lives continue to look and feel crummy.

They only expect bad things and sure enough – they get only bad things.

Their stress levels would actually rise even higher if they failed to get their worry-fix. And, as with any addiction, they need each fix to be more and more potent as their body acclimates to the current levels of bodily chemicals released by their emotions.

On the other side of the coin are the people who either hide their heads in the sand and pretend nothing bad, and therefore nothing stress inducing, exists. Hiding is less than optimal. Eventually untended-to emotions increase in severity until they explode n your face manifesting as illness or injury.

Where is the happy middle? Right in the middle.

People who look for the good in life find it. They live at higher frequencies of vibration where all that is happy and good exists. When you look for the good and focus on solutions you simply do not experience stress too often.

People can only feel stressed if they feel unable to act to change the situation. When they know they create their reality they know they create it as they want to live it.