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How to Reduce Stress At Work

Many people suffer severe stress at work. Diverse elements contribute to that experience.

First and foremost, in today’s economy, people will tell you they are so glad to have a job they continue working in their jobs even though they completely hate everything about the job. They hate the work. They hate the environment. They hate the people. They hate the product or service they provide.

Yikes! When you hold so much negative energy it is a wonder they don’t fall over with a heart attack from holding in so much negative energy!

Hmm. Many do – wind up with heart attacks, that is.

The first thing to do to reduce stress at work is to do something you love. Do something that is in alignment with your core values.

The bottom line is that you cannot succeed to any great extent when your work does not directly support your core values. You probably will not succeed at all if you work against what you hold dear in your value system.

Your work environment can create stress without you even knowing it is happening. Today’s modern buildings tend to be energy efficient, which means they are airtight. No air exchange happens between inside and outside air

What does that mean for you?

If your inside air continues to recirculate all day long the germs and lower oxygen in it will impact your energy level which in turn will lower your efficiency and leave you feeling not so good without knowing why.

You may be sitting on a chair that does not allow you to sit comfortably while supporting your posture. Poor posture leads to spinal misalignment which leads to all kinds of health issues.

And then there is that computer. Is the monitor at the proper distance and on the best angle for your eyes? How about the keyboard? Is it where it needs to be, ergonomically speaking?

Do you have space to get up and walk around every half hour? Your eyes and body need that break when you read on a screen all day.

And if you do look at a computer screen all day your eyes may feel less stressed with specially made computer glasses. Pinhole glasses are available online. Prescription glasses that differ from your ordinary glasses may help too. A developmental or behavioral optometrist can make you such a pair.

If you do find yourself working at a job that goes against or fails to support any of your core values then continue to do your very best at this present job while looking for and requesting (from the Universe) the job you really want.