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Stress Relief: Your Environment Reflects Your Level of Stress

Everything comes into your life for a beautiful and Divine reason – everything and everyone. The people, or pets, and even your plants all have something to teach or share with you.

When you realize there are no accidents and everything and everyone who enters your life is supposed to be there (yes, even those who cause crummy to horrible experiences) your stress level begins to fall.

Are you kidding? Not at all. Stop and notice…

How do your plants grow? Do they grow? Do they look the way you expect them to?
Many years ago scientists monitored plants while shrimp were being boiled alive nearby. The plants showed stress.

I know my plants do better when I take the time to talk to them. And I most definitely know that trees communicate with me as do stones.

Hey, that is why I am able to make such beautiful sculptures and carvings. Basically the stones or wood tell me what to make. After all, the finished form lies within. All I need to do is remove the excess wood and know where to place which stones!

No, I do not hear words coming from seemingly inanimate objects. I feel their energy. Even rocks have very distinctive energies. You will feel them when you allow yourself to do so.

You will also see the energy that surrounds things you think have no living energy. Auras are energy fields that can actually be measured with manmade instruments and scales.

There is a whole world out there most people never see because they do not believe such things can be real. They fail to accept other dimensions and possibilities into their world.

Back to the subject of plants and how we learn from them.

If you grow plants, either indoors or outside, observe how they fare and under what conditions they thrive or wither away. Pay attention to the conditions under which they are living when you look at their vitality.

How does what happens with your plants reflect what is going on inside you? When your stress level rises do your plants need more water because they sense your dehydration?

Do they manage to make it through long periods of drought when you forget to water them – the way you make it through tough times?

Ever seen a plant come back to life when you were preparing to throw it away?
How vulnerable are your plants to insects or fungi and parasites? How about you? Is there a correlation between the health of your plants and your own health?

The connection with pets is pretty clear. So “getting” that everything in your environment impacts and is impacted by you takes stepping outside your box.

You may know some people who can’t wear watches. The watches explode or stop running. Many of my friends (and me too, dang!) experience sensitive electronics, especially computers. Others can do things on my computer with no problem that I cannot do at all when my energy goes out of whack.

You don’t need to judge anything. Just take notice of how things, living or not, in your environment seem to react to you and how you feel.