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Your True Self: Who is Your True Self and How Do You Find It?

How do you discover your True Self, who you were at birth, as opposed to the ego self created by your early caretakers who forged your limiting and probably inaccurate self-image??

You need to know how to shut off your conscious mind and the brain programs that run you.

First, set an intention before you begin your daily meditation – or before going to sleep at night. Actually you can ask questions anytime. Meditation is a good time because you tell your subconscious mind as well as your Spirit what you want to know NOW.

Meditations come in all kinds of forms – the quiet going within, going for a walk – AND you can also you can do things like pick up a pencil or even a crayon and paper – and just put it on the paper and write. Whatever comes out is something you will not access using your conscious mind. This is info from your subconscious mind that your Higher Self, your True Self, feels you are ready to handle and so receive.

As a Specialized Kinesiologist, when I work with people we clear energy blocks to physical and emotional healing. Sometimes we get the full emotional history of the issues. Sometimes we just get clear indications of those emotional issues – the themes like fear or lack of self esteem, anger, etc.

Your Higher Self will never ever present you with anything you are not prepared to handle, to deal with, and to cope with. You can write spontaneously. You can write with your non-dominant hand. You can scribble. Or find a meditation, in the more traditional sense, to adopt. Whatever works for you is the thing to do. Never let someone else tell you what is right for you.

You create your system for asking. Always ask what is best for you, in your highest and best interest.

Ah, then you need to know how to receive and recognize the solutions that WILL come.

Let me give you some examples – you overhear music and the song (or the lyrics) have special meaning that applies to you right then. Or maybe you see back of a newspaper, or a billboard. Pick out one CD in your car and the song is what you need to know. Or you grab the wrong book in the bookstore or the library—you call it your intuition. Yes, your Higher Self, your Spirit, your Soul, is that same energy – your intuition.

Learn to tell the difference between your intuition (your Spirit talking to you) and the Little Voice that dwells in your primitive brain and serves to keep you safe by keeping you stuck, not allowing you to try new things to change your life circumstances.

How do you tell the difference? Ask a question – if you get an answer is you are listening to the Little Voice (LV). Your LV will carry on an entire conversation with you. If you do not hear a response then you got a message from your intuition AKA Higher Self or Spirit. No answer is intuition, Higher Self Soul, Spirit

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