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Your True Self: Who You Really Are Is Not Who You Think You Are (Because Others Told You So)

Many people talk about loving yourself. There is a difference between the self you know and who you really are.

When I refer to the Self I am not talking about the self you treat to bubble baths and walks along the beach. I am talking about your Higher Self, Your Spirit, Your Soul, the immortal part of you that is connected to the Universal Oversoul, the All-is-One, the God Force, Creator – whatever term you use.

When you were first born you were your True Self. But you were unable to filter out incoming messages so your parents, caretakers, siblings and. society put all these descriptions—and limitations – into your subconscious mind telling you who you can and cannot be, what you can and cannot do and what you can and cannot have.

You had no way to stop those messages. They went directly into your subconscious mind (you had not developed the ability to screen those messages with your conscious mind) So file folders were created that define your self image – your self that you call and know as you.

That self is really your ego. Lest we contribute to the bad reputation that term, ego, already has, let me put this into perspective for you.  The ego conforms to the definition you and others already call you. Working with the brain and mind it serves to keep you safe – and very stuck.

So long as you do not attempt any behaviors for which you have no programs in your subconscious mind, the ego reigns powerfully over your life. And so you have no chance to grow and, more importantly, no chance to change who you are.

The cold hard facts tell you that you are not who other people told you that you could be. That is just their opinion. Their opinions really do not define you at all.

Who you are is pure energy. Who you are is a Divine Being. All of you is God, Source, Creator. AND God is more than just you.

You are your Spirit. You are your subconscious mind, the connection to God, to All-That-Is. Live in that truth and acknowledge that all you need is readily and always available to you simply by asking – and listening for the response from your True Self, Your Spirit

Plug into the master Source for solutions and answers to your every question. No matter how big or how small your request, your Spirit honors and supplies you. After all, in truth, you and your Spirit are one and the same.

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