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Happiness Is Living Without a Story

Happiness means never living in your story.

I never heard the term story, as in living in your story, until I was in my fifties. Wow! The earlier in life you understand what your story is and how to never live there again (or in any other story, for that matter) the sooner your life moves into flow.

Okay, so what is a story?

Did you ever ask someone how they are doing and they dive into their latest drama in full detail? As a matter of fact, most people tell the same “poor me story all their lives – even though it may have happened fifty years ago!

Actually, in all likelihood their story never happened at all. Their story is their interpretation, what they made up, about an event. Their story is their version, their of something that happened.

Negative hurtful interpretations of events run people’s lives into the ground. They become victims who dig themselves deeper and deeper into the abyss. Before long they cannot even see any light. They live in the darkness of “woe is me.”

Do you know anyone like that? With every new person they meet they rehash that same story.

If that person is you then choose to stop energizing your past. Your past cannot survive unless you fuel memories to raise it from the dead and keep it alive. To accomplish that end you must steal the energy you need for living in the present moment. The consequence of that action is slow deterioration of your health.

If you know someone who constantly tells you about the awful treatment they received from someone or something then serve them by refusing to listen. Listen to them once or twice but if they try to repeat the circumstance let them know you love them too much to see them bury themselves in victimhood. Besides, it feels quite unpleasant being around people like that.

Tell them, “No more stories. Come live in the here and now.” Or…

Invite them to tell you their story non-stop, over and over again right now.  (I know this sounds like a sacrifice on your part. Realize you may serve them in this moment so they never want to tell anyone their tale again!)

You see, what happens when someone tells their grievous story the first time or two or maybe even three they may cry or become teary-eyed. However, with each telling they will hear themselves differently – and you will too. They will start laughing at the ludicrous behavior of repeating such a story.

You will both laugh out loud at some point and you will have helped them break that disempowering habit! Now that constitutes one priceless gift.

It’s All About You

Everything about your life is all about you-whether or not you know that truth. How come? Watch the video. Then join the conversation with a comment below.

Fun: Essential Ingredient in Happiness

Fun is a key ingredient to happiness. You can be happy without fun AND you can take your happiness to a whole new level when you add fun to your life.

You can be happy without having fun. But why would you do that? You’d be missing out on the joy and freedom that comes with fun and recreation!

People talk about balance. Okay, you want a balance that includes your work, your recreation, your important people and all your significant relationships. And you want to take care of your well being and health too.

Health? What does that have to with fun and happiness?

Happy people are healthier than people who fail to live in happiness. When you smile, and especially when you laugh out loud, you release what Dr. Candace Pert calls neuropeptides. Essentially, neuropeptides are released by your emotions. Good feelings release good chemicals that run through your system making you feel good and actually boost your immunity and health!

Pretty darn neat, don’t you think? When you do things that leave you feeling great you improve your health! You improve your physical and emotional health!

What do you do in your life that allows you to cut loose and just have fun? What activity brings you joy and laughter? I am not just talking about inner comfort. I mean outrageous goofy behaviors that leave you laughing inside and out!

Norman Cousin’s’ story about how he healed himself from a fatal illness by watching funny videos is not a myth. It is real. And it is real science too.

Here is the thing about fun – many people are afraid to look goofy. Most people refuse to look ridiculous – as if behaving in a silly manner changes who you are or what you have accomplished in your life!

I know all about those feelings. I thought if ever did anything that made me look foolish I would lose all my credibility and the respect of others who know me and those who do not know me!

I discovered nothing could be further from the truth.

Last year I felt the fear and did it anyway – a friend and I started making what we call Laughing Ladies Videos. Talk about looking completely foolish!

The amazing result was my little girl came out to play. ! Holy crow! My little child never played in my life – not that way! Goodness gracious I had so much fun after that first video we went on to make two more.

And, as far as I can tell, I didn’t lose a single friend or client. In fact everyone who responded to our videos said they were rolling on the floor with laughter and thanked us for the break in their ho hum day.

I guarantee you will survive looking foolish and in the process have more fun than you can evener imagine! Do something ludicrous for the joy of it

Happiness: Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places Contributes to Happiness

Want to live in happiness? Pay attention to your world and you will find beauty all around you.

I live in the country, more specifically in farm country. Right now, I look out my windows and see fields of hay, oats, alfalfa and sugar beets. Peaceful scene, especially when I pretend the flowing irrigation water (I live in the high desert of southwest Idaho) is a river.

I love the peace and quiet out here. Makes for easy writing and creating art in all kinds of media.

Except when I hear the rumbling. The first time this year it took me a few moments to remember just what that loud sound was…the plane that sprays the fields.

As a health fanatic, I definitely do not like that the fields all around my house get sprayed with chemicals. Fortunately, this time the wind blew away from my house so I am pretty sure none of that mess fell in my yard or on my own garden. (If people had any clue how many chemicals go into their unnatural food they would buy organic without thinking twice!)

The wind blows constantly up on my ridge so I always ask the Universe to direct the wind away from here when that plane roars on to the scene.

Chances are you never had the privilege of watching a crop duster. I never thought I wanted to. So I was surprised, even taken aback, as I watched the pilot maneuver over the fields. It was much like watching a ballet. The field closest to me lies next to telephone lines so the pilot has to barely clear those lines in order to get low enough to spray the crops.

He sweeps over the field so low it almost looks like he is driving a car. Then quickly he raises the nose of the plane in time to clear the electric lines. He makes these amazing curls and turns to come back again.

Watching the farm season provides such an education for me. That plane only sprays one field at a time. Every crop is planted and harvested according to its own schedule. No wonder people go to college to study husbandry. I had no idea how much goes into being a farmer who raises commercial crops.

Here in cattle and horse (and sheep, goat and alpaca country) many of the fields grow hay. Man is such a genius. They have a piece of farm machinery for every task that needs doing.

Apparently this week was harvest time for the first hay cutting. Oh how delightful that fragrance is – all along the road with field after field of fresh-cut hay. As I drove through the countryside heading into town I saw hay bales in al sizes from small enough to lift to enormous bales they lift with the tractor.

The really neat part is one day the hay gets cut down then left briefly to dry. Then a machine comes along that scoops up the hay and (Are you ready for this?) puts out neatly tied bales right in the field!

Farming is an art and the process makes for a very beautiful dance – when you choose to see it that way. How lucky am I to witness what most people never see?

Truth: Is Something True Because You Read It?

Is something true simply because you read it in a book or even in a few books?

I just returned from a biweekly gathering of friends. Together we educate each other on metaphysical subjects. All the people in the circle are healers who work with energy in very many different ways.

Tonight two members led a discussion on a series of books by a particular author. The author described the books as the culmination of twenty years of work with hypnotherapy patients who recounted past life experiences in places like Atlantis and other planets.

Why tell you all this? Whether or not you believe any of that information is irrelevant. My point, here, is to ask you, “Do you believe something just because you read it?”

Most people believe what they read. That is why the press can easily damage celebrities and politicians. All someone has to do is make an accusation. No matter how ludicrous the claim, if a newspaper picks up the so-called story (or an online press, or a quick thinking author) then the accused has to prove his or her innocence.

How nutsy is that practice? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The people leading tonight’s talk and others in the group who had read the books, took the information as gospel! They spoke as if the words in the books were absolute indisputable fact!

As a writer and former psychotherapist I take issue with books written in that manner. Actually I wonder why people, in general, blindly believe words simply because someone printed them in a book, newspaper or online news service.

I am keenly aware of the much-publicized cases, back in the 1980s, of sexual abuse that never happened. The mind can be tricked into thinking something is real that never was real at all.

That truth was proven man times in those years when trauma from sexual abuse was the diagnosis in fashion. Yes, if you look at health care you will notice there are diagnoses, both physical and emotional, that come into style and everyone seems to wind up with those particular diagnoses.

(Think knee and hip replacements, torn rotator cuffs – to name a few.) Such widespread common injuries result from thought forms that people buy into. But that is the subject of another article.

So taking the word of clients who were hypnotized as gospel does not jive with me. Think about this – besides massive thought forms (that people plug into and cannot escape adopting those same stories and experiences as their own) are really nothing more than someone’s interpretation of reality.

Events just are. People give them meanings. To say something actually happened because lots of people tell the same story does not in anyway, shape or form, mean it actually happened that way or even happened at all!

Same holds true of channeled books. Okay, maybe some books are truly channeled from entities. Think about this: some entities know what they are talking about while others just talk with no clue.

How do you know who to believe?

Think for yourself. Weigh the possibilities. Then ask your own Higher Self (Spirit), for accurate information. I did that while the people were “teaching” tonight

My Spirit told me not to buy the books.

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