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5 Tips To Find Happiness Now

Happiness eludes most people.

No matter how much one accomplishes in life, people always want more. Most people think the more they do, the more they achieve, the more recognition, the more material things they get will bring them that elusive quality called happiness.

Happiness does not come from anything outside. No one can make you happy. No one can make you feel good about being you—but you.

These five tips will move you to that seemingly far away place where happy people dwell:

1. Know exactly what you want in your life that will allow you to finally know happiness. Get clear on what your daily world must look like for you to feel fulfilled. Until you know where you are heading how can you know how to take your first step? You need to know your endpoint before you can map your route to get there.

2. Where are you right now? You also need to know your starting point when planning a route. To note your progress you want to see where and how you once lived so you can see the changes—even the subtle changes, you make each day. By comparing your new end point each day to the day before place you provide your own motivation to forge ahead on the path to your dream life.

3. Realize that your current life is actually pretty good–compared to how many people live around the globe. I know that fact because you have access to a computer. You know how to use it. And you know how to read and type. Wow! Do you realize how amazing your life is simply because of those few things you take for granted? Now look across your life and discover every little thing for which you feel thankful. Do it now.

4. Recognize that you create your tomorrow with the thoughts, decisions and actions you take today. Live in this present moment. Your past is over and done. All you have is now. Whatever happened in the past happened in the past. Period. Your future starts now. Pay attention to what you think and the choices you make now for they create your tomorrow.

5. Connect to your spirituality. No one reaches inner peace without knowing their spiritual side. No one else can tell you what to believe. You get to choose.

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