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Independence Day Gift of Freedom for You

Today, in the United States, we celebrate Independence Day.
I wanted to give you something very special that can bring you
your own independence.

I thought about what would be appropriate and at the same time
something you could actually use without having to sit down and
wade through a long ebook or listen to long audio recording.

Adn then it came to me…

In these interesting times I get so very many emails from people
who are struggling in so may ways, with financial issues as the

I received this gift from Joe Vitale ( you probably saw him in the
Secret or maybe you read one of his very many books) many years ago.
He gave it away as a gift to share.

I cannot think of a more appropriate time than now to pass this
amazing gift on to you. For this collection of articles by many of
his well known friends explain, through personal life experiences,
the Laws of Giving and Receiving.

In fact they explain the principle of Seed Money and the spiritual
basis of exactly how and why it works. The best part is, being a series
of short pieces you do not need to sit down to read through it. You
can just open it randomly to a page and spend 2-3 minutes reading
what you need to know that day.

Nice the way Universe does that for us, isn’t it?

I especially want to point out the story on Page 72. Read it and
tell me why you think I chose that one.

Feel free to share it
anyone who you think will benefit from the wisdom and truth inside.

I wish you freedom from worry, from anxiety and from fear.
Mark today as your Independence Day!

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Join the conversation by leaving a comment below and sharing
what independence means to you.