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How to Fulfill Your Desires

When you feel a desire, something you want to be, do or have in life, KNOW that the Universe put it into your heart because you CAN manifest it.

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Transformation Awaits

How do you make the magic happen? YOU alone have the power to transform your life into your dreams. Together you and I can root out the core issues keeping you from taking action now.

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Stress Relief: #1 Stress Relief Tip

There is a single priority stress relief tip. Without this one, nothing else will work permanently or completely.

Stress relief is a do-it-yourself job. You can glean tips from other people but you alone carry through on what you know you can and will do.

The way to relieve stress is to love yourself first. It is not selfish. It is mandatory.

What do I mean by mandatory?

Can you ever give away something that you do not have yourself? Can you possibly horn and respect anyone you do not love?

Until you love, honor and respect yourself you will continue to please others. You will do everything in your power to make them happy. In fact you will neglect your own needs for rest and nourishment (physical, emotional and spiritual) to place the needs of others ahead of your own.

Each of those habits creates tremendous stress for you in all those three areas: physical, emotional and spiritual. So long as you take on being responsible for how others live their lives and whether or not they are happy you cannot possibly reduce your stress level, let alone eliminate it.

Realize that no matter how hard you work you cannot please others enough. Besides, that is their job not yours.

Your job is to please you. Theirs is to please themselves. If anyone tells you differently see their falsehood for the lie it is. When someone expects you to put their needs ahead of yours they are acting in a very selfish manner.

In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, “Selfishness is not doing what you want to do. Selfishness is expecting others to do what you want them to do.”

See the difference in how you taking care of your own needs (not telling others what to do for you) is no way, no how selfish?

Until you take care of your own needs and leave taking care of the needs of others to others you will not love yourself. Until you love yourself you will not live stress-free.

Unless you live stress-free you will never know happiness – let alone joy and wealth.

You need to live your life for you.

What do you love to do? You need to create psychic income not just money. You came here to fulfill on a purpose.

If you spend your life making others happy can you do what you feel driven to do? Can you do what you desire, more than anything, to accomplish?

Remember, this is your life. You can only live it when you eliminate the stress that holds you back.

Reduce Stress By Working in Your Area of Expertise

When you work in alignment with your talents and skills, doing something you love and truly value, then and only then will you eliminate stress and find the success you desire. And that success will  improve your life as well as benefit all people and the planet itself.

Everybody is an expert at something. When you stop to really look you will discover there is something that you do better than most people.

It may be something very simple like smiling just the right way to bring a smile to the face of someone too shy to look others in the eye. Or maybe you prepare the most amazing cranberry buckwheat bread on the planet.

Whether you are a business mogul or a stay-at-home parent you are an expert in some aspect. That is fact. Every person has a gift they came here to share.

Okay. The thing is no one is an instant expert at everything.

I have a tad of difficulty writing that sentence. While I am not the best at everything I am really good at very many things and an expert in many fields.

People born with multiple gifts, like Leonardo Davinci, were not limited to the Renaissance, you know. Many exist today. You likely know at least one person to whom you go for advice on very many different topics, right?

Fine. Some people have many areas of expertise.

However, I want to through a caution your way… many people pretend to be gurus because they see a new business opportunity. So they jump on the bandwagon. They really have no expertise but they say they do!

So how do you know who to follow?

You certainly cannot choose a guru by the letters after their names. The most gifted healers I know are not the ones with college degrees and fancy letters (no one can decipher) awarded by smart business people who decided to open a school and accredit people with letters after their name because they paid the smart person money to do so! (Lots of that going on these days!)

You decide on whose advice to take by following their specific advice in one incident and noting the results. If you got your desired results then the teacher knows what they are doing. If you failed to reach your desired and intended goal, and you did what the so-called guru said, they are not the right person – at least not for you.

Remember the college professor teaching business out of books in a classroom with no business experience will not make you a successful person out in the real business world.

In the world of entrepreneurs there is a standing joke that you just gotta forgive the poor guy (literally after paying for the degree in time and money) with the MBA.

When you choose your area of expertise really do what you know and not what you think will make you money. Doing work you love will reduce your stress. In fact, you will not work at all. When you love what you do you do not have a vocation but rather an avocation.

Stress: Procrastination Leads To Stress (Sometimes Only Subconsciously)

Procrastination leads to stress. When you know you need to finish a task yet fail to take action toward that end you wind up increasing your stress level.

You may think that out-of-site is out-of mind. However, your subconscious mind knows that you are not doing what you need to do. Your conscious mind knows it too, even when you try to hide that information from yourself.

Rather than run the risk of impairing your health you can develop an action plan to change your habit of procrastinating into one of producing desired results.

Realize your procrastination reflects a habit. Part of that habit may be fear. If you put off attempting to reach a goal you are not certain you can attain then putting off any attempts give you a false sense of hope.

So long as you do not make an honest effort then you will not lose your dream.


What if you attempt to reach that goal and your doubt and fear prevent you from succeeding? You tell yourself your dream was crushed and cannot ever happen.

Now you find yourself hopeless with nothing to look forward to. Talk about a major stressor. What do you do with your life now that the dream no longer exists for you?

Who wouldn’t procrastinate coming from such a stressful place of fear?

Maybe you put off starting tasks because you bought into the popular thought form that a little stress is good for you and is the best motivator. That is a myth. Stress is unhealthy no matter what circumstance creates it.

Sometimes you procrastinate because you really do not know how to tackle what seems to be an overwhelming task. You have two choices when you feel that way. First you can ask someone else who already did what you want to do for help or guidance. Second, you can create small steps to make the job doable a bit at a time.

I used to have that problem. I looked at the end point I wanted to realize. But I didn’t know how to work backwards to discover each step I needed to take to reach that place.

What do I mean by work backward? See yourself finishing up that formidable task. What is the very last thing you did to achieve that result?

Okay, once you know that next-to-last step ask what step would have to be done immediately before the recorded one for that recoded step to happen? Keep working backwards. You are, in fact, creating your action plan.
When you get to the beginning simply begin it – your plan, that is.

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