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The Golden Rule Revisited

A while back I talked with you about how the Golden Rule can actually destroy relationships. Click here for that perspective.

In a most unlikely source for spiritual well being, Napoleon Hill’s book, The Law of Success, I discovered this new interpretation of the Golden Rule – well, new for me – and I want you to see how this rule can instantly change everything in your life.

Giving and Receiving – That is How the Universe Works

giving and Receiving – you want to do both to live in abundance and happiness. In fact they are a pair if Universal Laws – The Law of Giving and The Law of Receiving. Want to know exactly how they work? This video lets you in on how those laws play out in life.

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Polarities and The Law of Polarity

Polarities allows us to experience life and give meaning to what we sense. The Universal Law of Polarity reminds us that everything in life is at once good and bad and we get choose how we view it.
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