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Gratitude Involves Recognizing Value

When people express gratitude they honor the value they perceive and receive from some happening or person. The more value you perceive in the world, the more you feel you have to be thankful for. And the more things for which you give thanks, the more things you will receive and experience for which to be thankful.
What do I mean by recognizing value? Every day I thank the Universe for bringing certain people into my world. Yes, of course I constantly tell them I am grateful for their being who they are and brightening my world. And I am, in general, grateful for knowing them.
Every night before falling asleep I review all the thing and people for which I am grateful that day. And the same people, whether or not I see them that day, receive my gratitude because of what I learn by knowing them—and apply in my daily living because of knowing them.
What I learn from them allows my world to grow brighter and lighter every day. Those friends are priceless gifts to me. They serve as role models for me. I could not find and pay people to do what these people do for me—and were it not for my telling them that fact, they would not even know the impact they have on my life

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I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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