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You See What You Want To See

Albert Einstein was a brilliant metaphysician who posed this single question that determines how your life runs, “Is this a friendly Universe?” How do you answer that one?

However you answer that question defines your happiness level and satisfaction (or the lack thereof) in life. Since you will always see what you filter for (what you expect to see) then your answer is always right.

In other words, if you say, “Yes, this is a friendly Universe,” then your life reflects that love of life and people. If you replied, “No, this is not a friendly Universe,” then you see your world as narrow, not safe and definitely not a feel good place to be.

The person who sees the world as a friendly place lives in love and happiness and maybe even in joy. Such a person sees the good in every event and assigns meanings that leave him feeling good about himself and life.

About the Author Ali

I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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