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Happiness: Cooperation Creates A Bond And Lessens The Worry And Work Load, Leading To More Happiness

People commonly put aside their differences to rally for a common cause. That happens in the case of emergencies and times when everyone’s well being is threatened. It also happens for major sporting events.

And teamwork also happens to create common dreams.

One of my fun activities is working in the media. I have been on stage, back stage, on screen and behind the scenes. I find making stories real a fun activity filled with many learning experiences. I love to learn about everything!

Last week I had the privilege of making a movie in 48 hours, from start to finish, with a group of new friends. This my third time being part of the team of women, some professional and some amateurs, who just know all aspects of movie making.

And yes, you read that right. Each year, here in Idaho, we enter the I 48 movie contest which means on Friday at 6 PM we get a sealed envelope telling us the character’s name and occupation, a line of dialogue and we get to choose from among 3 props which to use.

We have 48 hours to write, film, edit, put in all the special effects and music and hand in a movie that runs 3 ½ -6 ½ minutes.

Sound impossible? It would be if you didn’t have cooperation among all team members – cooperation and putting aside egos.

I love doing this project, not just because I want to learn how to write movie scripts (I write in many genres but not movies or plays) but also because I love being part of a team that I don’t have to run! I just get to so whatever they ask me to do.

So I have operated the boom (mike), been assistant director and this year I got to be on screen.

Something so amazing happens when you join others who share your passion. Any task that comes up, any unexpected need that appears – someone just does it. While the key players (lead actress, director, camera and sound crew, and editors) are specified (as people volunteer to do what they are good at doing) everybody else pretty much offers to do whatever is needed throughout the production.

One of the most astounding times for me is Friday night when we sit around the table (this year there were fifteen of us) and come up with a story line so the writers can take that detail and write the script.

Can you imagine fifteen people working together with such a time crunch – honoring every person and every idea that comes up?

You see, today’s new world is about cooperation not competition. Look around. The businesses going under, the huge corporations—all run on greed and competition. They are all about crushing the competition. And the new businesses are all about joining forces knowing there is enough business for everyone to have their share.

We consistently produce award-winning movies because that is how we work – together with a common goal of doing our best as a team. That teamwork often leads to awards. This year we won Best Picture in the professional category!

Makes for lots of smiling faces and happy people.

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