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Happiness: Feeling Self-Confident Being You

I often hear stories about how kids were told they were worthless and would never amount to anything in life. Or maybe they were called clumsy or awkward or dumb.

I never got any put-down labels when I was growing up. In fact I experienced the opposite. I was left on my own to figure it all out and pretty much did so. Yeah, I had some funny ideas like thinking people somehow detached their garages from their houses then they had garage sales!

You see, my mom thought I knew everything and could do everything. So I grew up feeling totally confident in myself. I knew I could do anything, absolutely anything I set m mind to. And I pretty much did.

Looking back I wonder how I figured out how to do al the things I did. Now I know we are never alone. Now I know we always have guides and angels with us showing us the way. Yeah. I know all that now but hey – I never knew it all those years.

When people talk about being afraid of change I wonder why. I live spontaneously. I jump in and do. I leave the figuring out how for later.

Did that ever leave me floundering? You better believe it! I recall the first (and only time) I went off the high dive. Land sakes alive I thought I would never hit the water! And when I did I thought I was going to hit the bottom of the pool and wondered if I would have enough air to get back up to the surface. Yikes!

That never stopped me from going for what I wanted. I always felt confident I cold do anything – including the things people told me I could not possibly accomplish – especially when people told me I could not possibly do something.

So when my dean told me not to apply for the music scholarship in college because “freshman never got that one” I ignored her and – you guessed it – I won it. (Can you imagine the dean of a university telling a student not to bother trying? How the heck did she get to be the dean?)

Here is the knowledge I want you to get from my sharing my life experience…

Your self-confidence comes from inside you. No one out there makes you feel good about being you. No one and nothing outside yourself can make you feel great about being you exactly as you are, imperfections and all. Hey, if you were perfect you wouldn’t be human!

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I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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