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Happiness Happens With Action NOT Knowledge

You will never make life changes by reading, listening and watching material. I don’t care how great the teachings are. You must take action to shift.


People who are terribly stuck, to the point they feel hopeless – people who find themselves numb to the concepts of happiness, joy and love – vibrate at frequencies too low to attract anything good that they want in life.

If that person is you then truly, you have to get yourself to a place of feeling happy first. To move to a place of feeling happy first you automatically raise your frequency. Then, and only then, will you attract what is good and positive to you.

I am guessing that sounds impossible right now. Am I right?

I obviously cannot assist you to the depth you need in a short article. So let me get you doing something.

The two best ways to raise your frequency FAST are

1. Make a list for every thing – every little and every big thing – for which you feel grateful. Grab a pad or notebook and create a gratitude journal and commit to writing in it every singe night right before falling asleep.

What that does is set you up, in your subconscious mind, to work on feeling grateful while you sleep. The more you express gratitude to the Universe (Creator, God, whatever term you use), the more it will deliver to you for which to be grateful.

Got that?

2. Go and do something (the important word is DO) for somebody else to make their life better. Volunteer somewhere or help a neighbor with a task.

Maybe you know a shut-in who could use a visit and company.  You want to get outside of yourself to change your energy. You want to take the focus off your unhappiness and being stuck.

Remember T. Harv Eker’s words, “Where attention goes energy flows.” In other words, what you think and feel about most of the time manifests in your life.

Action will move you – literally and figuratively. Thoughts will keep you mulling over what is wrong and missing.

Start there.

You can do this. Yes, you.

How do I know?

You finished reading this entire article. It takes courage to recognize something is amiss and take action to change that situation. Your commitment reveals a deep desire to make the changes you know in your heart, you want to – and CAN – make.

Life is all about feeling good. When you raise your frequency you will feel good and then you just know happiness and love and joy.

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