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Happiness: Why Happiness Eludes You (No Matter How Much Stuff You Own)

Happiness is not the result of fancy homes, cars, jewelry, clothing, etc. You will not find it on vacation or at the gym. No movie or book will bring you anything beyond a momentary joy.

Happiness will elude you so long as you look outside yourself to find it. Nothing and no one can make you happy – not even close.

But you already know that fact because you’ve tried everything – buying new clothes, getting your hair done, going to the spa and the gym. Your kitchen has all the latest gadgets. You even took that long dreamed of vacation –all to no avail.

Someone looking at your life from the outside would say you have everything. But all you have still leaves you feeling like something is missing. You feel a deep hole inside, a bottomless chasm that no happy times, activities or new purchases seem to fill.

What is it that eats away at you telling you something is amiss? What else is there for you? How do you move life from humdrum to you can’t wait to get up every day and enjoy being you?

Ah ha! That is exactly the answer – get up to enjoy being you. Who are you? Do even have a clue as to who your True Self is? Do you know the difference between the self you think you are and who you really are?

Allow me to help you find out who you are. Grab a pen and paper. I do not recommend using the computer because you want this information to come from your deeper levels, from out of your awareness. That happens most easily with pen (or pencil) in hand.

Ready? Without taking your pen off the paper write down who you are to you. Keep writing until no words flow onto the page. Spend at least ten minutes on this exercise. That may seem like a lot of time. Trust me, once you begin ten minutes will turn out to be the minimum you need to describe all the aspects of who you see yourself to be.

It is okay to call a close friend or family member for help. Ask them who you are to them. Maybe you want to ask a few somebodys. It doesn’t matter where you get the info as long as it fits for you and you write for at least ten minutes.

Done? Great! Now look at your list. Look closely at each word and phrase describing you. Are you holding a list of things you do and did in your life? Is this a list of roles you play (friend, mother, colleague, child, partner, etc?)?
Every word on that paper describes your ego self not your True Self.

You see, your True Self is who you were at birth before anyone planted beliefs in your subconscious mind defining who you could and could not be, what you could and could not do and ultimately what you could and could not have – including happiness.

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What do I DO and why do I do it? I guide you to discover the True You - awareness that experiences life. By unblocking the obstacles you place blinding you to your default state of true happiness allows us to expand your smile and your world in the direction of your dreams.

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