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Health and Happiness: Be Happy To Be Healthy

The degree to which you experience health depends on your level of happiness. Most people think if they become healthy then they will be happy. Most people have it backwards.

Everything is energy – every person and thing, even thoughts, is energy. All energy vibrates at particular frequencies. Things and thoughts that make people happy vibrate at high frequencies while things that make people unhappy vibrate at lower frequencies.

Your body works in a similar fashion.

Each organ system in the body has a frequency at which it is healthy. When the frequency falls to a slower rate that organ system becomes impaired and health issues begin to form.

Happiness is a high frequency vibration which means it moves in high waves at a very fast pace.  It reaches crests and troughs many times each second whereas unhappiness moves in low, long and slow waves with far fewer waves completed per cycle.

Think about depressed people. They tend to slouch and move very slowly. When you find yourself around them you notice you feel drained and their energy feels heavy. I feel weighted down just thinking of someone like that. Do you feel it too? Then you know exactly what I mean.

Now think of someone you know who is happy and smiles lots. They tend to have very good posture and be very active. Their energy feels alive. You want to be around them because you feel lighter in their presence. You feel happier too, right?

When you find yourself around a happy person you sense their higher energy. Your brain notices it too and raises its own frequency to match theirs. As your happiness increases you feel better too – physically and mentally.

Smiling raises your frequency. Laughing raises it still more. And laughing out loud increases it further still.

Happiness is a high vibration. If you start there you automatically raise the frequencies of your organs. For that reason Norman Cousins healed himself of an incurable disease by watching videos that made him laugh.

Happiness not only speeds up your vibratory level but also releases feel good hormones and peptides into your blood stream. The better you feel the more feel good chemicals get released so you feel even better and the cycle perpetuates itself.

When you feel bad the opposite happens. Your body releases feel bad hormones and chemicals causing you to feel worse. And the frequencies of your organ systems get negatively impacted. As you find yourself feeling sadder and sadder (or angrier or more frustrated) you slow down your organs’ vibrations. Your organs take time to recover. Unless you move to a happier place soon they will continue to run at the lower frequencies that lead to impairment of functioning and loss of health.

Living in happiness is not just something that feels good. The happier you are the healthier you are. That is not a placebo effect. It is fact.

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I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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