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How Come They Don’t Get Hot or Cold?

I live out in farm and ranch country. I see every kind and color of cattle you can ever imagine out here. Same holds true for horses, goats, llamas – and of course the cats and many wild animals I sometimes see peeking their heads out when I walk.

What I wonder is how come they seem to be comfotable regardless of the temperature and weather conditions?

When it snows a lot I can see the animals with snow on them. Yet it may be 60 degrees the next day and they seem to experience the same degree of comfort as they did in the cold snow.

My indoor cat grows thinker fur in winter and sheds more in summer. Do any of those animals shed? I do see that many cattle ranches have ponds where the cattle cool off in the summer time. But what about the rest of the year. How do all those outdoor animals regulate their body temperature? What do they do?

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