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Living Life on an Angle

I do not intend a double entendre when I talk about living life on an angle. I am not coming from a hidden agenda. Nor do I mean to speak from a new and different perspective. Nope. I actually live my life – physically –  on  an angle.

I live in a 31 year od house. The eating area slants – I mean so much that I feel uncomfortable sitting at my table. I have to sit on the side that offers the very best view (all the views are paradise) so the beauty distracts me.

The floor is on a distinct angle going down and to the side. Honestly, when I sit in the spot that affords the optimal view I feel like I might fall over! Yes, the floor angles that steeply.

Some days exisiting on an ange actualy makes me dizzy and I choose not to sit at my table. How weird is this experience? You have to come visit to feel it. I cannot describe how it feels.

Hmm. I grew up outside New Yok City. For a brief time a mini-Disneyland type amusement park existed in what is now an apartment complex in the Bronx. One of the coolest attractions, to me, was house where you had to stand on an angle to feel straight. I think it was an optical illusion.

I remember feeling like I was leaning at a 45 degree angle just to feel like I was standing up straight!

When I make videos at my table I have to prop up the computer so it sits straight. Of course I myself am on an angle because I have not figured out how to shift mysef to look straight.

Bet you never noticed that in my videos, though.

I do believe everything happens for a beautiful and Divine reason. We may not always know the reason. This may well be one of those reasons I will never discover.

Got any ideas? Leave a comment and let me know your interpretation of the house on the slant.


You know what? Life is what it is. 😉

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