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Oreo’s Healing Journey

To be clear, back when I didn’t know if I would ever get my life back following the brain i jury I realized that healing has nothing to do with recovering the life and body/mind one had prior to whater trauma happened.

Healing is about accepting yourself exactly as you are in the moment. And healing is also about letting go of a body if staying on this Earth plane no longer serves your spirit.

Yesterday as night came on Oreo started slowing down. Suddenly, for the first time in his life he acted and looked his age. I have no clue how old a 20-year old cat actually his. We know a dog’s life equates at 7 years for each human year.

He seemed to sleep okay last night. Started out with me. Got up and asked for food. But then he started following me around. He never did that before. His body jerks now and then. I didnt think much of that as mine does too – at times.

He spent yesterday in his before-traumatic event spot on the couch. Last night he actually asked for the energy bed to be placed in my bedroom and though he started sleeping on my bed he moved down there at some point.

Today Oreo asked for the energy bed to be placed by me where I work. He spent all day, so far, lying on it.

Here is what is so interesting…

My friend Mary told me Oreo wanted rose quartz by him. And I placed a good sized raw rose quartz crystal by him Sunday when she told me to. Oreo lay on it, most surprising because it is quite jaggard, Sunday and Monday.

Today he started with his paws against the crystal. Then moved so it was right at his third eye. T hen he turned so it was at the base of his spine.

You want to know that Oreo is no ordinary cat. Just like my first cat, Samnatha ( maybe I will share the book I wrote about her some day) he is a super spiritual being who happens to live in a cat suit right now just as we live in human being suits.

He knows exactly what he isdoing. He is bathing himslef and his chakras and meridians with the love energy of the rose quartz.

So I don’t really know if he is staying with me or getting ready to go.

HE just went into the corner behind the infrared heater. Now back on the energy bed–which, BTW, the Universe gifted us with for an extra 2 weeks.

Thanks for continuing to send energy and lots of love to both of us. And if you have some hugs to spare please send them too.

I love and appreciate you all.

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