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Purrfectly Healthy

Yesterday we buried my Little Guy and shared our moments and lessons we learned from him. Oreo was my most amazing teacher. The more I think about our shared experiences the more I discover how much he opened my eyes, my heart and my mind.

I called him my Bundle of Love.

Some time ago I discovered that research proves that a purring cat not only improves its own health but also the health of its owner. Not surprised.

I really miss waking up in the morning to the purring of my cat by my head. I feel ever so blessed to have known that feeling for so very many years.

Today’s Memorial for Oreo

Today’s burial and memorial service for my very best friend and companion of 17 years is at 2 PM MT at my home. If you cannot make it live I appreciate your Spirit’s presence.

It is one of the hardest days of my life. And this time I am well prepared emotionally and spiritually. The physical part is another thing with all the stress taking its toll. The spider bites aftermath flared really really badly so I  need loads of spiritual assistance to get through the physical matters of clearing out all the cat stuff from the house and digging the grave for my little guy’s body.

Oreo did jump up on my bed today. But I didn’t get to awaken to purring by my head. I miss him so much.

Today is a celebration of a most beautiful spirit not a day of sadness. Of course I feel deep sadness and I also feel the joy that he is free and I remember the countless he gave me.

Making Tough Choices

I finally made the decision to put my cat to sleep today. When he could not make it to my bed, let alone up on my bed last night, I knew it was time. Turns out his kidneys were struggling and he was not doing well. Duh.

As he lay there we stared very deeply into each other’s eyes – into each other’s souls. He thanked me as he became FREE.

Oreo wasn’t just my cat. He was and is a truly amazing Spirit from whom I will continue to learn even with him on the other side.

I will talk more about that tomorrow when I write the memorial service for his burial.

I am completely wiped out. Haven’t slept in a week and it has been a stressful one.
My plan, assuming I get rest. is to to do a memorial service – I am thinking either around 2 PM – assuming I can get myself together. I know he was with me earlier but the house is so empty right now. His Spirit must be with his brother, my Mom and my first cat right now.

Oreo was special to all who knew him. He channeled other animals from the other side. It was most amazing. That is how I knew my first cat was alive and communicating through him. I hope you will join me, in person or at least in spirit, to send him all kinds of thanks for being who he was here for each of us.

Thank you to each of you who treated him so special. You get back what you put out, right?

If you need directions and do not now my email address go to the website and scroll down the page to the box. Fill it in, I will get the message.

The website is at

You now something unbelievable? Okay not really unbelievable given the working of the Universe – I am talking as a guest on Blog Talk radio Color Your Life Happy. Monday on a show called Color ME Happy. My topic is Separation:The Single Cause of All Pain. I wil post the details tomorrow so you can join us live.
My talk is about how separating from our True self – our spirit that is God – causes ALL pain and suffering for us. I will let the Universe clarify it all for me as it clearly pertains to the events of this week.

The Lion Video – Love Is Forever

See the power of love, even with the so-called wild beast. Truly you know love deep in your heart.

OReo on Tuesday

Well the day started with OReo fully in his old way of being. After a few hours he went back to being with me, needing to sleep in front of the infrared heater on his energy bed. Hmm. I think the Sacred G fusion posters make a difference. He didn’t sleep on them last night. I will go slip them under him now.

And so it is…one day at a time. Keep the love flowing.