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Power of the Spirit – part 2

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I held my Mom and hugged her all day–and most of the night–for the last three months of her life. I did everything for her. I was completely drained. Caring for my mom constituted a physical and emotional challenge of unfathomable proportions.
Those three months taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. Caring for my mom was one of the greatest gifts of my life.
Remember I said gifts come in unexpected forms? On two separate occasions during those last three months, my mom had long periods of being completely lucid. I was talking with the mom I had known all my life until her mental state shifted at age 80.
We had the most meaningful conversations we ever had in those precious moments. We said everything we needed to say to each other, so all wounds were healed and my mom could leave this lifetime knowing how much she was cherished. I could live my life knowing I did all I could do for her. More importantly, she was aware of that truth.
In those two moments, when time seemed to stand still, I learned another invaluable lesson: the soul perpetually exists as a perfect and intact entity. The soul is omnipresent. Regardless of the physical or emotional or mental state of the human being, the soul knows exactly what is happening. The person may not be able to communicate. The soul, being the True person, always knows every minute, in great detail, about that Divine spirit.
We really are Divine Beings living human experiences. Even through all that horrific suffering, I knew my mom’s soul remained at Peace. I feel so grateful for that knowing, for that present.
Now I live my life being in service to others, no hidden agendas or expectations. I feel free to love people just as they are and just as they are not. Now I really understand that people come here to work together to create our world. In every encounter, we are at once teacher and student. We come to share our gifts with others. We also come to receive gifts from others.

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