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Psychotherapy: How Talking About Your Problems Prevents Solving Them

When working with a psychotherapist you talk about your problems to move out of pain. Talking about problems makes them worse.

To talk about something you have to think about it. You search your memory banks for all evidence that confirms what you are saying. Consequently you bring up painful topics and relive past experiences – those that you think caused your life to stop working the way you believe it should.

When you talk about painful experiences you lower your frequency of vibration.

You can only attract events, people and things that vibrate in harmony with your current frequency of vibration. Low frequencies attract people, things and events that vibrate at low frequencies while high frequencies attract everything and everyone vibrating at the high levels.

All that you desire, all the good and happy things you say you want in life, vibrate at high frequencies.


You cannot possibly attract the good things you say you want while talking about and focusing your energy and time on what hurts.

Does it serve you to live in your past? Do you feel good when you talk about events that you interpreted as hurtful to you?

How can it help to wonder why someone did something to you that left you feeling unhappy, in pain, lost or disillusioned?

Does staying in such feel bad energy raise your vibration? Does it move you to a place where you feel good about yourself and your life?

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